Unrivaled pancakes


Unrivaled Pancakes

Unbeatable pancakes will be a great breakfast. Very delicate and airy American crepes will decorate your tea party. Delicious dough goes well with sweet and sour sauces, jams, jams, honey. Lush pancakes will appeal to both adults and children: they are very beautiful and very tasty. Try it and you cook great pancakes according to a fairly simple recipe.


  • milk - 250 milliliters;
  • vegetable oil - 3 tablespoons (you can use melted butter - 40 grams);
  • egg;
  • sugar - 4 tablespoons;
  • confectionery baking powder - a teaspoon;
  • salt - the fourth part of a teaspoon;
  • flour - 170 grams.

Unrivaled Pancakes. Step by step recipe

  1. Making lush pancakes begins by mixing some of the ingredients. So, we drive an egg into the container, pour the milk and add sugar, a little oil. Now mix well. This can be done with a whisk or a mixer, at low speed.
  2. Separately, mix flour with baking powder, add salt. Then we take a strainer and sift through it dry ingredients for pancakes into the milk and egg mass. We mix until a homogeneous texture is formed, without lumps.
  3. We put the container for frying on medium heat, warm it up: there is no need to lubricate the surface. We spread a little dough with a spoon: according to the recipe for one American pancake, two tablespoons of the batch go.
  4. Fry until the first bubbles appear, then turn over and fry for another minute and a half: keep in mind that the second side is fried much more quickly.

Tips for making pancakes in milk.

  • To make American pancakes very tasty, you should use only fresh products. Pay special attention to the baking powder: it should not be expired, otherwise the consistency of the test will turn out not as it should.
  • Mix the ingredients very carefully: mix until the wet and dry products combine - no more and no less. If the flour starts to stick, then you get pancakes like rubber.
  • Cooking pancakes in milk should begin immediately. The test should be used immediately: it cannot be stored, since then air pancakes will not work.

We put a kettle, and after 10 minutes we enjoy a delicious breakfast. You can serve delicious pancakes with syrup, jam, honey or sauce: in general, as you please. On the site "Very tasty" you will find a recipe for pancakes, like my grandmother, and many more proven dishes.

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