Unusual easter eggs do-it-yourself


Unusual Easter eggs do-it-yourself

An analogue of Faberge eggs, cooked with your own hands - unusual Easter eggs. Multi-colored jelly eggs on the festive table look very impressive and original. Moreover, they are very tasty, sweet - such an unusual dessert. In the recipe, I will tell you how to use them to arrange a fun raffle. The preparation of unusual jelly eggs can be entrusted to children (or to cook with them): after all, Easter is the brightest family holiday.


  • Coca-Cola - 200 milliliters;
  • orange juice - 200 milliliters;
  • cherry lemonade - 200 milliliters;
  • tarragon - 200 milliliters;
  • mandarin orange juice drink - 200 milliliters;
  • food gelatin 5 sachets - 10 grams each;
  • 10 chicken eggs.

Unusual Easter eggs with their own hands. Step by step recipe

  1. I suggest first to look at the list of colored liquids: when gelatin is added to them, they will become an excellent natural mixture for jelly eggs.
  • Hibiscus tea (from pink to dark raspberry): pre-brew and add sugar, cool and add gelatin;
  • dried fruit compote helps to make a matte jelly of a brown tint;
  • coffee and chicory stain jelly in a palette of shades from light brown to black;
  • milk, kefir, yogurt, sour cream help to make jelly of an opaque white color;
  • green tea colors in a variety of shades of yellow and greenish colors;
  • a variety of vegetable and fruit juices - look at their color.

Tip. If you use unsweetened liquids, be sure to add one tablespoon of sugar per glass of liquid.

  1. Pour all the prepared drinks into glasses. In each glass we add one pack of edible gelatin (10 grams) and mix well. Leave the gelatin to swell: for about 40 minutes.

Tip. To color the eggs in different colors, you can use ready-made colored gelatin, following the instructions on the pack. But this way a larger amount of chemical elements enters the body: which is not very good for health.

  1. In the meantime, prepare the eggs. We make a puncture (you can use a knife, only very carefully) and pour the contents into a bowl. After which the shell is thoroughly washed (until the water becomes clean).

Tip. Another way to free eggs from contents. In a hole made with a knife, insert a cocktail tube and start blowing: above the dishes. If you then need eggs for baking, or if you need to disconnect the protein from the yolk, then insert the tube sideways and gently blow out the protein (it will come out first). Next, pierce the yolk with a tube and remove it into a separate bowl. We wash the shell under the tap also with a tube.

  1. We send the shelled shell to the oven preheated to 200 degrees for 10 minutes (for disinfection). They will acquire a yellowish tint - the way it should be, do not worry.
  2. Once again, mix the gelatin well and set it to heat: without boiling, with continuous stirring, until completely dissolved.

Tip. We heat the contents of the glasses in turn: one is heated, poured into eggs, then we warm the second.

  1. Using a funnel (I use an improvised funnel from a large chups - it fits perfectly in size, but you can also use an ordinary, small size), pour the gelatin solution into the eggs. The contents of one glass is enough for two eggs.
  2. In order for gelatin to freeze in the eggs, it will take a day. After that we remove the shell from the eggs. Thanks to drinks of different colors, the eggs turned out to be colorful.
  3. Using the same drinks, you can make eggs in the form of a rainbow. To do this, we inject the first layer into each egg with a syringe, wait until it hardens. We also do all the other layers. Then we put the eggs in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours. This is necessary so that the layers stick together and do not delaminate.
  4. For the greater beauty and pleasure of children, in each testicle you can hide a surprise: a berry, a piece of chocolate or fruit.

Tip. Eggs can not be peeled, but arranged on top, like all other (ordinary) Easter eggs. Can you imagine how much joy guests and children will have when they themselves clean such a testicle?

  1. And one more recommendation: for a beautiful egg delivery. We will make original coasters for them. We will need portioned molds (you can use sushi plates or instant noodles). Pour green jelly into them (we make it from tarragon, adding sugar if necessary). When it grabs a little, sprinkle with coconut. It will turn out a snowy grass stand - very beautiful.
  2. And if you pour transparent jelly from ordinary water into the mold, then the egg will hang in the air, as it were - a cosmic solution.

We made unusual Easter eggs with our own hands. Do not be afraid to experiment - I'm sure you can cook many more masterpieces. Entrust the preparation of jelly eggs to children, explaining the process in advance - and you will be amazed at the miracles that they will prepare for you. On the site "I love to cook" you will find many more recipes for decorating Easter eggs.

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