We paint eggs with onion husks


Painting eggs with onion husks: 12 easy ways

Before Holy Sunday, everyone begins to think: what is the best way to paint eggs. Of course, there are many dyes and other devices that will help to make a bright Easter egg. However, I do not really trust chemicals. Today I will tell you about the grandmother's method: now I always paint eggs with onion husks, maybe you will like it. In this article I will describe 12 technologies of the Easter recipe for painting and decorating eggs. So, let's look at products that are useful to us, and each of the methods of coloring.


  • eggs (quantity as needed);
  • rice groats - 1 bowl;
  • buckwheat - 1 plate;
  • millet - 1 plate;
  • onion peel - 50 grams;
  • water - 1.5 liters;
  • olives - a few pieces;
  • leaves of dill, parsley, various flowers.

What kind of eggs should be painted for Easter

In order for the pysanka to turn out not only bright, but also tasty, it is necessary to select and prepare chicken eggs correctly. So here are some guidelines.

  1. Eggs are best taken from the refrigerator in advance: about an hour before cooking: in this way they will acquire room temperature.
  2. Next, proceed to washing the eggs. To do this, use a tap with running water, soap and a brush: this is necessary to remove grease and dirt from the surface of the product: as a result, the Easter egg will turn out to be more saturated in color.

We paint eggs with onion husks. Step by step recipe

In order to create a wide variety of colored eggs in onion peel, the following blanks should be performed.

  1. For the first method, we need rice groats. We take an egg, soak it in water and envelop in rice. After, neatly, wrap in a mesh so as not to knock down the grains. When I paint the eggs, I take the usual nylon tights and cut them into medium squares so that I can completely capture the Easter egg. The ends of the stocking are knitted with a strong thread.
  2. Method number 2. Buckwheat is used for this method. Technology coincides with the previous option. We wet the egg, envelop in buckwheat and wrap it in a stocking. Thus, the pattern is more massive.
  3. Method number 3. We are doing the same thing, only with millet.
  4. For the following options, we need fresh leaves. So, first we take a small sprig of parsley and soak in water. Next, apply to the surface of the egg and smooth all the edges. The leaf should ideally lie on the shell. We wrap a stocking so that it does not get lost in boiling water.
  5. For the next option, you need to take a sprig of dill. Dip the krashenka in water and glue the leaf. We cover with a capron and tie.
  6. The krashenka looks very beautiful if you attach a sprig of coniferous tree. Attach it follows the above method.
  7. You can specially cut the stencil from waterproof material and, just like that, stick to the egg.
  8. To give an original white pattern, use a regular stationery elastic: it is usually used to connect banknotes. To do this, wrap the egg several times so that the gum is placed throughout the volume. It will turn out for Easter quite an interesting egg.
  9. A very beautiful Easter egg is obtained if you use lace. Wrap them in an egg, then wrap nylon material on top and secure the ends with thread.
  10. The next way to decorate Easter eggs for Easter is to use chopped olives. Paste the egg around the perimeter, and wrap it with a stocking - fasten on top.
  11. Small flowers look very beautiful. The pasting is done according to the above technology.

So, we examined the options for creating patterns. The next step is to paint the eggs with onion husks.

Onion peeling eggs

Decoction for coloring eggs, I prepare as follows.

  1. I collect 1.5 liters of water in a pot. This amount will require 50 grams of onion husks.
  2. Fill the husk with water and leave it overnight.
  3. We put the pan on a small fire, bring the water to a boil. Stir the liquid for about 10 minutes.
  4. Remove from heat and leave the broth to cool.
  5. Next, immerse the eggs in a pan: they must be completely covered with liquid, so that the color turns out to be uniform.
  6. We put on the fire, bring to a boil. After we set the average temperature and boil the butter for 5 minutes. Next, remove them. Let them stand for several minutes and dip in cold water until cool.

In order for the dye to shine brightly, you should take a napkin and wipe the surface of the eggs with vegetable oil. For a beautiful and original supply of Easter eggs, you can create a bird's nest of chips on a pallet. Place painted eggs on top. You can find photos of ornaments and finished painted dogs on our website. I like to cook.

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