Chamomile salad with mushrooms

Chamomile salad with mushrooms, pineapple and cheese

Chamomile salad with mushrooms, pineapple and cheese evokes the most enthusiastic emotions, and not only because he looks cheerful in the spring. Its taste is as original as its appearance. The richness of taste is formed by juicy mushrooms, a soft smack of cheese and the spicy sweetness of pineapple, and thanks to boiled eggs, the texture of the salad acquires tenderness and airiness. You can also make excellent daisies from boiled eggs - this is not at all difficult, but what effect does this salad bring to the festive table! Get to know your home recipe and step by step cooking Chamomile salad with mushrooms, pineapple and cheese with a photo and already on the next celebration try to surprise your guests with this dish.

Ingredients for Cooking Chamomile Salad with Mushrooms

Champignon or forest mushrooms 300 g
Hard cheese 150 g
Hard boiled eggs 8 pc
Onion 200 g
Canned Pineapples 1 can
Mayonnaise 200 g
Vinegar 1 tbsp. l
Sugar 1 tbsp. l
Greenery 1 bunch
Lettuce 1 bunch
Salt taste

Step by step cooking Chamomile salad with mushrooms, pineapple and cheese

  1. Dice the onions. Scald it with boiling water and drain the water, so it will become less sharp. Next, prepare the marinade, mix 1 tbsp. water with 1 tbsp. l vinegar and sugar and pour them onions. Let it stand in the marinade for 1 hour.
  2. Finely chop the mushrooms and fry in vegetable oil until fully cooked. Salt to taste. Instead of mushrooms, you can use boiled chicken.
  3. Put lettuce leaves carefully washed away from sand and dirt, in a circle around the plate. Then the first layer is fried mushrooms. Grease the mushrooms with mayonnaise, but not generously, since the mushrooms have soaked up oil during frying.
  4. On top of the mushrooms, grate 5 pieces of boiled eggs on a grater, grease this layer with mayonnaise.
  5. Drain the liquid from the canned pineapples and chop the fruit. Lay out pineapples in the next layer, and try to form a semicircle, in the idea of ​​a meadow. Do not lubricate with mayonnaise, as pineapples are juicy.
  6. On top of the pineapples, lay the pickled onions.
  7. Top onion grate hard cheese.
  8. From the remaining three eggs, make daisies. From the yolks, form the middle, and from the proteins, petals, cutting them very thinly. Use dill and parsley to decorate the meadow with greens.

Salad is served on the festive table after it is slightly soaked. Enjoy your meal!

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