Mushroom glade salad with ham and cheese

Mushroom Glade Salad with Ham and Cheese

Seeing and tasting this salad, your guests will be pleasantly surprised! This is not just an appetizer - it is an edible meadow with real mushrooms, juicy and incredibly tasty. The salad is laid out in layers, and this can be done from top to bottom, as if on the contrary, but in appearance, it is more like a cake, it looks so impressive and elegant. This dish can become a real highlight of the program, attracting everyone's attention, and after the guests taste a little of your culinary masterpiece, your authority as a skilled cook will grow significantly. There is nothing complicated in creating such a salad, even the ingredients can be selected to your taste. The most important thing in your home recipe is to put small mushrooms, such as pickled champignons, on the background of greens. I’m sure step-by-step preparation of Mushroom Glade salad with ham and cheese with a photo helps you cook this dish quickly and without hassle.

Ingredients for the preparation of Mushroom Glade Salad

Pickled Mushrooms 1 can
Ham 250 g
Eggs 3 pcs
Potatoes 3 pcs
Carrot 2 pcs
Hard cheese 150 g
Red onion 1 PC
Mayonnaise 200 g
Salt taste
Greenery 1 bunch
Lettuce 7 pcs

Step-by-step preparation of Mushroom Glade salad with ham and cheese with a photo

  1. First, boil potatoes, carrots and eggs, then cool and peel.
  2. Finely chop the vegetables and eggs or grate on a coarse grater.
  3. Cut red onion into small cubes. If you do not have red onions, chop the ordinary and pour boiling water over it so that it does not bitter in the salad.
  4. Cut the ham or sausage into small cubes.
  5. Grate the cheese on a grater, and finely chop the greens.
  6. Salad can be formed from the bottom up, or vice versa. To do this, choose a saucepan of a suitable size, cover it with cling film. First, lay the pickled mushrooms with their heads down.
  7. Fill the mushrooms with chopped herbs.
  8. The next layer is boiled potatoes. Spread it evenly and grease it with mayonnaise.
  9. Then lay the ham, eggs, red onions, carrots and cheese, greasing each layer with mayonnaise. If desired, each layer can be added and pepper to taste.
  10. Cover the top layer of lettuce, which will eventually become the bottom, fresh lettuce, cover with a plate or a lid and refrigerate for 3-5 hours to soak and compact.
  11. When the salad is soaked, remove it from the refrigerator, cover with a beautiful wide plate, gently and quickly turn it over. You will have a layer with mushrooms on top. Carefully remove the cling film, decorate the salad with sprigs of greens, and the sides with mayonnaise.

The holiday at which such a salad is present will be remembered by the guests for a long time. Enjoy your meal!

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