A delicious salad with chicken "champs elysees"


A delicious salad with chicken

Try to cook today with us a delicious salad with chicken "Champs Elysees". Super fast and easy to execute, everything is prepared one-two-three. A delicate and fragrant dressing with mustard based on aromatic olive oil helps to complement and fill the main trio of salad: chicken, green peas and cucumber. It is excellent to cook the salad in the summer season, it is both light and thanks to the chicken breast gives satiety. Do not hesitate and try to cook it with us, get a charge of good mood.


  • chicken fillet - 300 grams;
  • fresh cucumbers - 2-3 medium pieces;
  • green canned peas - ½ cans;
  • green onions, parsley, dill;


  • vegetable oil (I have olive) - 3 tablespoons;
  • mustard (classic Russian) - 1 teaspoon ;;
  • grape vinegar 6% - 1 tablespoon
  • salt, spices to your taste.

A delicious salad with chicken "Champs Elysees". Step by step recipe

  1. Let's start with the preparation of chicken. We need to wash it under running water. Then use a paper towel to remove excess water.
  2. Take salt and pepper. We wipe a whole piece of fillet on both sides. Determine the number of spices yourself, based on your taste.
  3. Keep in the refrigerator so that the chicken fillet is marinated, not worth it. Pour vegetable oil into the pan. Warm it well and send a whole piece of chicken to fry on both sides. Fry until fully cooked over low heat. This will take you very little time. Make sure that the meat is not overexposed, because then it will be dry and completely mild. We remove the finished meat on a plate and set aside to cool.
  4. We pass to the cucumbers. Wash and cut the cucumbers into small cubes. Sent to a deep salad bowl.
  5. Open a jar of canned green peas. We need about half the contents of the peas in the jar. If you like peas, you can add a little more.
  6. A small bunch of dill and my parsley and chop finely. Add everything to the bowl.
  7. Chives, also in small quantities, are chopped and finely chopped. Add to the salad bowl. In onions you can use only its green part.
  8. Chicken breast has cooled down, and now we can cut it. To do this, first chop it with slices of medium thickness, then cut into small cubes. Also add to all products.
  9. Let's start preparing the dressing. Refueling is very simple and quick. To do this, in a small deep bowl, combine all the necessary ingredients for it and mix until smooth. If you do not have grape vinegar, you can replace it with apple cider vinegar. Also, sometimes you can meet not grape, but wine, it is also suitable.
  10. Then taste and add spices to taste. Dress the salad dressing, then mix everything. Ready-made salad can also be supplemented with other spices at your discretion.

Ready salad can be served immediately. Very tasty and easy to prepare. If you like chicken salads, try this option. Always cook in a good mood, let your dishes be tasty and healthy, and a variety of salad recipes you can always find on our site “Very Delicious”. We wish you success in the kitchen and bon appetit!

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