Adjika piquant

Adjika piquant

Adjika piquant from mom - my family recipe for cooking adjika for the winter. I admit, I really love adjika, I like everything with peppercorn, and I tried it a lot where. But tastier mom, I have not yet found. I understand that now the whole Internet is ruffling with adjika recipes and various variations of its preparation. Anyway, it is this adjika piquant that has the most unforgettable taste and aroma.


  • Tomatoes - 5 kilograms;
  • Antonovka apples - 1 kilogram;
  • carrot - 1 kilogram;
  • sweet pepper - 1 kilogram;
  • bitter pepper - 5 pods without grains, if you like spiciness leave with grains.
  • vegetable oil - 300 milliliters;
  • vinegar - 125 milliliters;
  • salt - 4 tablespoons;
  • sugar - 1 cup;
  • garlic - 300 grams.

Step-by-step adjika spicy recipe

  1. Pass the tomato, apples, carrots, sweet and bitter peppers through a meat grinder and boil for 2 hours.
  2. Then add vegetable oil, vinegar, sugar, salt and boil for another hour.
  3. 5 minutes before cooking, add 300 grams of garlic.
  4. Roll up in sterilized jars and leave to cool.
  5. The output of 13-14 jars of 0.5 liters.

Adjika spicy will perfectly complement any dish, make it more colorful, and rich. Prepare only the best preparations for the winter with "I like to cook for the future."

Delicious to you preparations, and bon appetit!

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