African flower salad with pineapples

African Flower Salad with Pineapples

I like to cook and delight my family and friends with delicious dishes. On holidays, when many guests gather at my place, I try to cook something new every time and surprise more and more not only with the look, but also with the taste of the dish. I present to you the African Flower Salad with Pineapples. A bit of exoticism is what is just missing on the table in the winter season.


  • pineapples - 1 can;
  • corn - 1 can;
  • chicken breast - 500 grams;
  • tomato - 2 pieces ;.
  • mayonnaise - 200 grams;
  • ground red pepper, salt to taste.

African Flower Salad with Pineapples. Step by step recipe

  1.  Pre-boil the chicken and cool.
  2.  Pineapples and chicken cut into small cubes.
  3.  Add the corn.
  4.  Season with mayonnaise.
  5.  Cut a tomato into a dish in thin circles and spread it around the edges, put a salad in the middle of the plate and sprinkle with pepper a little.
  6.  I sometimes also decorate pineapples with sliced ​​half rings and greens. And every holiday salad takes on a new look.

In such a salad, you can add boiled eggs, hard cheese, diced, or just sprinkle cheese on top. Show your imagination and cook in an original and delicious way. The salad recipe is specially designed for "Very Delicious." We recommend preparing pineapple New Year's Eve salad “Bouquet” and muffins with pineapples.

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