Amateur salad with beets

Amateur salad with beets, gherkins and other vegetables

Dear friends, today at “I love to cook” I want to share with you a recipe for a lean vegetable salad that will give you pleasure, add health and bring joy. Vegetable salad without mayonnaise is incredibly mouth-watering and easy to prepare. All vegetables in a lean salad are perfectly combined with each other, which gives the dish a special playfulness.

Prepare a crispy and slightly sweet and sour diet salad for breakfast, lunch or dinner - and your family will eat not only tasty, but also healthy. And this is important!

Before preparing a lean vegetable salad, I would like to note that we take the amount of food to taste.


  • one beetroot;
  • one carrot;
  • one onion;
  • White cabbage;
  • pickled gherkins;
  • unrefined vegetable oil;
  • vinegar;
  • salt;
  • sugar.

Amateur salad with beets, gherkins and other vegetables. Step by step recipe

  1. Using a shredder (or a knife), cut fresh cabbage into beautiful and thin slices.
  2. Wash, peel and chop one fresh medium-sized carrot on a Korean grater.
  3. For a lean salad, combine carrots, cabbage and mash well.
  4. Put the mashed carrots with cabbage in a salad bowl, add salt to taste, a little sugar, vinegar and leave to insist a little.
  5. Grate the pickled gherkins on a Korean grater (if you grate, you get a very thin straw; if you want larger, then it’s better to cut with a knife).
  6. Grated pickled cucumbers add to the salad bowl to the vegetables.
  7. Beets (pre-cooked for lean salad) also grate on a Korean grater and send to other vegetables.
  8. Grate one small onion on a Korean grater and place in a salad bowl (see: if the onion is very caustic, then before sending it to vegetables, you need to sprinkle a little vinegar).
  9. Since the salad with vegetables is dietary, we will not season it with mayonnaise, but with vegetable oil.
  10. Mix all the ingredients for a lean salad, season with vegetable oil (I used unrefined), add salt if necessary, to taste.
  11. Place the diet vegetable salad in the refrigerator for one hour: in order to insist.

I very often cook vegetable salad according to this recipe on fasting days, but I really like canned green peas in it.

Look, if you want to cook not a lean salad, then season everything with oil and mayonnaise. Frankly, I cooked with mayonnaise - well, very tasty. Salad with vegetables will not only diversify your family’s daily menu, but also perfectly decorate the holiday table.

Bon appetit wishes the team of the site "I love to cook." And be sure to try making a salad with fried potatoes and an unusually delicious "Greek" salad.

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