Armenian pickled green tomatoes

Armenian pickled green tomatoes

I want to share with you how to deliciously pickle green tomatoes in Armenian for the winter. This recipe is the most delicious green tomatoes. Green tomatoes in Armenian turn out one in one, with the aroma of garlic and herbs. Hot tomatoes, for special lovers, but it is with their sharpness that they attract.


  • Green tomatoes - 5 kilograms;
  • garlic - 300 grams;
  • hot pepper pod - 10-12 pieces;
  • greens - parsley, dill, cilantro, basil. Total beam.

To fill:

  • water - 400-500 milliliters;
  • salt - 5 tablespoons;
  • vinegar - 350-400 milliliters.

A step-by-step recipe for green tomatoes for the winter in Armenian

  1. Peel the garlic, remove the seeds from the hot pepper and pass them through the meat grinder.
  2. Mix the resulting mass with chalk chopped herbs.
  3. Prepared tomatoes need to be cut in half or in quarters, then lay them tightly in a jar in layers, generously sprinkling with a spicy-hot mixture.
  4. Prepare the fill (mix water, salt and vinegar) and immediately pour the tomatoes in jars.
  5. Cover the jars with lids, sterilize at a temperature of 100 ° C for 15 minutes (if the jar is a liter) and immediately roll up.

Tip: When you are going to twist hot pepper with garlic in a meat grinder, put rubber gloves on your hands so as not to burn your hands with hot pepper juice.

Pickled green tomatoes in Armenian style - a treat not for the faint of heart. Their pungency and piquant taste inspire and bewitch. Serve with light main courses, boiled potatoes, not spicy meat.

Enjoy your meal!

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