Baked beetroot appetizer with lemon juice and pistachios

Baked beetroot appetizer with lemon juice and pistachios

Baked Beetroot Appetizer - This is a simple and affordable dish that is suitable for those who adhere to a healthy diet and diet for weight loss. The basis of the appetizer is sweet beets, but dressing gives an important role in the formation of a delicious and piquant taste. It is made from fresh lemon juice and olive oil with the addition of fresh thyme, also known as thyme. Optionally, add a clove of garlic, walnuts or pesto to your home-made snack recipe. Such a cold appetizer can be served with absolutely any dish, especially meat, as beets contribute to good digestion and cleanse the intestines. I like it when the beets are cut into large pieces, but it can be cut into smaller cubes or straws. Don't pass this baked beets with pistachios and lemon step by step recipe with a photo, be sure to prepare it, especially since the set of ingredients is the simplest and most affordable.

Baked Beetroot Snack Ingredients

Beet 3 pcs
Lemon 1 PC
Thyme 5-10 branches
Olive oil 2 tbsp. l
Salt ¼ tsp
Black pepper taste
Fried pistachios ½ cup

Step by step cooking of baked beetroot snacks with photo

  1. Wash the beets thoroughly, do not remove the peel.
  2. Wrap each fruit separately in foil and send to a preheated oven to bake until soft for 45-60 minutes. Check readiness with a knife. Wrapping beets in foil is very important, so it does not dry out, and the peel is then easily removed.
  3. When the beets have cooled, remove the peel from it, cut into pieces.
  4. Put chopped beets in the dish, add grated zest from one lemon and chopped thyme sprigs.
  5. Add fried, salted pistachios to the dish. Pistachios are added just before the salad is served so that they remain crispy.
  6. Pour in olive oil.
  7. Add squeezed juice from one lemon, this is about 2 tbsp. l juice.
  8. Salt the beetroot appetizer and pepper. Mix well.

Garnish a beetroot appetizer with thyme sprigs and serve with potato or rice side dishes. Enjoy your meal!

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