Caprizel salad

Caprizel Salad

Do not know what to cook for the New Year? I propose to make a Kaprizel salad! This incomparable dish will be a highlight on your holiday! Well-fed and satisfied guests are guaranteed!


  • boiled potatoes - 150 grams;
  • onion - 1 piece;
  • tomato - 1 piece;
  • cucumber - 1 piece;
  • pickled cucumber - 1 piece;
  • eggs - 5 pieces;
  • chicken fillet - 400 grams;
  • sour cream - 200 milliliters;
  • soy sauce - 2-3 tablespoons;
  • greens for decoration;
  • salt;
  • pepper.

Salad "Caprice". Step by step recipe

  1. Finely chop the chicken fillet and fry until tender. Let it cool.
  2. Peel the onion, cut into cubes and pour boiling water for 5 minutes. Then drain the water and dry the onion.
  3. Cut boiled potatoes into small cubes.
  4. Wash, dry and chop the cucumbers and tomato into cubes.
  5. Boil, cool, peel and grate the eggs. One egg left for decoration.
  6. For dressing, mix sour cream, soy sauce and salt, pepper to taste.
  7. Combine all prepared components in a salad bowl and mix.
  8. Put the salad in the forming ring mounted on the dish. Carefully remove the ring.
  9. Garnish with greens and egg.

How many different dishes can be prepared, but be sure to try the Kaprizel salad. It will surprise your imagination and win you over with its unique taste! Recipes specifically for "I like to cook." And be sure to try to cook the cone salad and the hat.

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