Chicken and mushroom puff salad

Chicken and mushroom puff salad

I prepare a delicious puff salad with chicken and mushrooms for all the festive events. Since in my family men like this salad very much. It is nutritious, nutritious, beautiful and contains several types of meat. And its appearance is so presentable that this chicken salad can become a real decoration of any festive table.


  • carrots - 2 pieces;
  • chicken fillet - 300-400 grams;
  • hard cheese - 150 grams;
  • beef tongue - 300-400 grams;
  • chicken eggs - 4 pieces;
  • pickled cucumbers - 2 pieces (large sizes);
  • onions - 1 piece;
  • pickled mushrooms - 200 grams;
  • mayonnaise - 300 milliliters;
  • salt to taste;
  • ground black pepper - to taste.

Puff salad with chicken and mushrooms. Step by step recipe

  1. To prepare this wonderful salad, you need to carry out preparatory work. We put the beef tongue to cook. For this salad, it is better to use beef offal. First it must be washed well and filled with cold water. When the water boils, we drain it and fill it with new cold water so that it completely covers the surface of the tongue. When the second water boils, add the peeled onion, carrots, celery root - dip the vegetables into the broth as a whole. Also add a bay leaf, a few peas of allspice, black pepper and peas and salt well. Cook the beef tongue for a long time about two hours on moderate heat. It all depends on the size of the language. You can check the readiness of the product with a wooden stick, it should pass freely into the pulp of the tongue. When the beef tongue is cooked, you need to remove the mucous membrane from it - that is, the upper film. To do this, you need to lower the hot tongue into ice water and easily remove the upper shell of the tongue with a knife. Leave the boiled tongue to cool completely.
  2. Cooking chicken fillet for puff chicken salad. Wash and dry the chicken breast. Then fry on all sides in a preheated pan until golden brown. If you are not sure about the readiness of the chicken, you can send it to the preheated oven for 7-10 minutes: so that it comes to readiness.
  3. Boil carrots: washed, but not peeled carrots, pour hot water, and cook until tender.
  4. Cook eggs until cool. That is, we detect ten minutes after boiling. We put the finished eggs in cold water: then the eggs will be better cleaned.
  5. Cut the peeled onions into small cubes and pickle. To do this, salt the onions, add a little sugar and one tablespoon of vinegar, then pour the onion with boiling water and leave to marinate for 10 minutes.
  6. Tongue and chicken breast cut into thin strips.
  7. Cucumbers are also cut first into circles, and then into strips. For the preparation of puff salad with chicken, I use pickled cucumbers, not salted ones: their sweet and sour taste tastes better with chicken.
  8. When all the ingredients for the salad are prepared, we begin to collect the salad itself with chicken and mushrooms. To do this, take a large dish, on which we put the board from a removable form. And in the middle we grate hard-boiled eggs on a coarse grater. Then make a mayonnaise net. For salad, I take mayonnaise of high fat content: it has a delicate slightly sweet taste and does not acidify - unlike low-calorie mayonnaise.
  9. The next layer is the boiled tongue cut into strips, and on it we put the squeezed pickled onions, which we cover with a mayonnaise net.
  10. The fifth layer of our puff salad: julienne sliced ​​pickled cucumbers, on top of which again we make a mayonnaise grid.
  11. The next layer of our salad: straws chopped chicken, which is abundantly covered with mayonnaise net.
  12. Then we cover the salad with tender boiled grated carrots: we cover it again with mayonnaise.
  13. The penultimate layer of our salad with chicken and mushrooms is grated hard cheese. For this salad I take cheese with a slightly pungent taste.
  14. We spread whole pickled mushrooms on a cheese pillow. Mushrooms or mushrooms are suitable in a salad with chicken.
  15. You can take purchased mushrooms, or you can quickly pickle yourself. To do this, wash and clean small mushrooms. Separately, we prepare the marinade, for which we pour half a liter of cold water into a small pot, add a tablespoon of salt, 50 milliliters of vegetable oil, a couple of tablespoons of sugar, a dozen peas of allspice, a few bay leaves and a tablespoon of dried mustard seeds. We also place three cloves of garlic in sliced ​​marinade. When the marinade boils, add 50 milliliters of vinegar 9%. Pour our mushrooms with hot marinade and boil for 10 minutes. Ready pickled champignons should be infused in the marinade for a day: and only then can they be used in dishes or just eat.
  16. On top of the salad we decorate with herbs and send for several hours in the cold: so that all layers are well saturated with mayonnaise sauce.

Before serving, remove the sides of the form and serve. A wonderful holiday puff salad with mushrooms and chicken, soaked in delicate mayonnaise in combination with spicy cucumbers and a crisp onion, is a real belly celebration. Tasty and satisfying it will appeal to everyone, especially men. Visit our website “I like to cook”: and you will learn many more interesting and tasty recipes, many useful tips and original ways of serving already familiar and beloved dishes.

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