Cottage cheese at home

Cottage cheese at home

To cook properly homemade cottage cheese you need to know some subtleties and secrets. Of course, if you have a special sourdough for cottage cheese, then the cooking technology is simplified and the time spent on ripening is reduced. But if you want to cook cow milk curd at home as they say from scratch, then be patient, and be sure to consider all the tips in the recipe. Cottage cheese according to our home recipe is natural, soft, grainy and not sour. For a better result and a greater yield of the final product, try to buy the freshest home-made, not diluted milk. In extreme cases, high fat store milk can be used. The cooking time for cottage cheese at home largely depends on the temperature in the room. On average, it takes about two days. Ready cottage cheese is stored in the refrigerator for 3-5 days. It can be eaten fresh even by children without fear. But you can cook cottage cheese dishes - cottage cheese pancakes, cottage cheese desserts and other delicious dishes.

Ingredients for making cottage cheese at home.

High fat milk 2 l

Cooking step by step cottage cheese at home with a photo

  1. Pour the milk into a saucepan, preferably steel or any other, but not enameled, since milk sticks to it and then burns, which spoils the taste of cottage cheese.
  2. Leave the saucepan in a warm place for about 30 hours. This may be a place near the stove or battery. During this time, do not mix milk at all.
  3. After ripening, you should get a good clot of yogurt. If you mix, the cottage cheese can become either dry, fine-grained, or as a putty.
  4. After 30 hours, when a dense yogurt and a little liquid forms, put it on a stove and make a small fire. Again, stirring the yogurt is not necessary. The pan should be very hot, so you can’t touch it, but in no case should the yogurt boil. In the same case, if you do not get warm, the cottage cheese will turn out soft, as in jars. You can cut a clot from yogurt with a knife so that the hot whey gets inside. Turn off the stove.
  5. Now leave the saucepan with hot yogurt for ripening, about 8-10 hours. It all depends on the room temperature. During this time, the yogurt thickens even more and begins to separate from the walls, and the serum becomes more transparent.
  6. Fold the cottage cheese on cheesecloth, folded in several layers or on a cloth and hang to drain excess moisture. Serum is used for making pancakes, pies or yeast dough.
  7. After about 1 hour, when the last drops are draining, remove the cottage cheese and put in a dish.
  8. Homemade cottage cheese is ready. At the exit, you can get about 500 g of cottage cheese.

You can add sugar, raisins, slices of bananas and other fruits to your home-made cottage cheese. Enjoy your meal!

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