Cottage cheese recipe

Cottage Cheese Recipe

I bring to your attention a recipe for homemade cheese from cottage cheese - it is prepared quite easily, but in order for the Yantar cheese to turn out to be really tasty and pasty, you must strictly follow all cooking requirements. Homemade processed cheese based on fresh cottage cheese has amazing taste and just melts in your mouth. A spicy sandwich with amber cheese will appeal to everyone. Try to cook cream cheese from cottage cheese at home once even - and you will forever abandon the purchased. Doubt it? Let's cook - and you will see for yourself!


  • cottage cheese - 500 grams;
  • one chicken egg;
  • one teaspoon of soda;
  • salt to taste;
  • butter - 100 grams.

Homemade cottage cheese. Step by step recipe

  1. To prepare cream cheese at home, take a small pan, pour half of the water into it, put the pan of water on the stove and bring its contents to a boil.
  2. This time will be engaged in the preparation of cottage cheese. I want to note that cottage cheese is best used to make Yantar cheese not dry: the taste of the resulting cheese depends on it. I always use fresh cottage cheese, cooked at home, and not purchased.
  3. Move the prepared cottage cheese into a deep metal bowl (it is the metal container that needs to be used, not the plastic one, because we will cook the cottage cheese in a water bath), break one chicken egg into the bowl (it’s very good to use homemade fresh egg), add one teaspoon of soda (addition soda is necessary, because it is soda that melts the cottage cheese).
  4. Then add butter to the cottage cheese bowl (it should be at room temperature) and salt the whole mass to taste. It is best for the oil to melt at room temperature: do not melt it in the microwave.
  5. Using a submersible blender, beat the whole curd mass well. Beat very well so that there are no curdled lumps left in the mass. When we cross the cottage cheese well with a blender, then we get a homogeneous dense mass: it is such a mass, by consistency, that we need for homemade cheese. Curd mass is ready.
  6. Cream cheese will be cooked in a water bath. When the water boils in a pan, then we put a bowl with the mass on the pan (it is very important that the bottom of the container with the curd mass does not come into contact with water).
  7. Cream cheese, stirring constantly, cook in a water bath: until the whole mass melts and becomes uniform in consistency (viscous). If you want, as soon as you remove the cheese from the steam bath, you can add spices to taste and desire.
  8. Now we are preparing the form in which we will store Yantar cheese home-made. For this, I use a rectangular metal container. But you can make homemade cheese in the shape you want.
  9. Pour the liquid homogeneous curd mass into the prepared form, in which we will store the cheese.
  10. Leave the processed cheese at room temperature until completely cooled.
  11. We cover the cooled amber cheese with a lid and send it to the refrigerator until it solidifies completely.

Home-made natural processed cheese is homogeneous, smooth and incredibly appetizing. From this amount of ingredients, I got 600-650 grams of cheese. As for me, this is the most successful step-by-step recipe for making cheese. Frankly, with the addition of spices, I never cooked cheese according to this recipe ever. But my friend adds caraway seeds - it turns out also very tasty and original!

“I love to cook” wishes you good cooking and good mood! Visit us often: on our site you will find a lot of step-by-step recipes for delicious dishes.

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