Delicious beet chicken salad

Delicious Beet Chicken Salad

Fans of an unusual combination of fresh vegetables and juicy chicken breasts, I propose to cook a delicious salad with beets. I present your surprise when you read that all vegetables, including beets, are fresh. Believe me, the salad is unforgettable, light and very tasty. With the advent of spring and summer, we all want to pamper ourselves with healthy fresh vegetables - therefore, our dish is exactly what you were looking for, but probably have not tried it yet. Quickly cook with us and stock up on vitamins!


  • fresh white cabbage - 500 grams;
  • fresh carrots - 1 medium piece;
  • fresh beets - 1 medium piece;
  • mayonnaise - 3 tablespoons;
  • medium-sized chicken breast - 300 grams;
  • salt, pepper to your taste.

Delicious chicken salad with beets. Step by step recipe

  1. The first thing we do is shred white cabbage. To do this, wash the cabbage, wipe it from the water and cut off the top spoiled leaves. You can shred with a knife, on a grater - or using a special nozzle from a food processor. The main thing is that you get the most thin straw.
  2. Now we will wash the carrots, peel them and grate them in a Korean carrot grater.
  3. I also wash the beets, peel and chop them on the same grater as the carrots. Combine everything in a deep bowl.
  4. Now proceed to the chicken. It must be washed under running water, get wet from unnecessary water with dry napkins. Cut it into strips. Remember that during heat treatment, chicken meat loses moisture and is halved. In the salad, the prepared meat should be in the form of chopped straws.
  5. We put the pan on fire, pour quite a bit of sunflower refined oil. We spread the chopped chicken meat and fry it until cooked. Do not cover, stir constantly with a spatula, do not let the filet burn. During frying, it is necessary to salt and pepper the meat to taste. Finished pieces of chicken breast should have a pleasant golden color.
  6. Transfer the fully cooled meat to the vegetables. Add mayonnaise sauce and mix. (On the site “I like to cook” there are wonderful recipes on how to make mayonnaise at home).
  7. Remember that chicken can be very easily dried in a pan. Therefore, if possible, marinate it the day before. For the marinade, I propose to mix vegetable oil, salt and pepper.
  8. Salad can be served in one large salad bowl: or in portions.

As you can see, chicken salad with beets is prepared very quickly and simply. Even a novice in the kitchen can handle this process. Decorate your table with new dishes - it’s not at all difficult. “I love to cook” is always in search of new ideas for recipes for your family. Cook with us - it's true, very tasty. Enjoy your meal!

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