Delicious lenten salad with red beans

Delicious Lenten Salad with Red Beans

I propose to make a delicious lean salad with red beans - and enjoy the vibrant colors and excellent aftertaste. Walnuts go well with the main component, and pickled cucumbers give the dish the missing acidity. Garlic with parsley is elegantly complemented with a salad: without them, it would have been boring. For the portal “I Love Cooking” I will talk in detail about the dish, which will be the highlight of the lean home menu.


  • pickled cucumber (small) - 4 pieces;
  • canned corn - 350 grams (1 can);
  • canned red beans (preferably large) - 350 grams (1 can);
  • walnuts - 100 grams;
  • red bell pepper (large) - 0.5 pieces;
  • green bell pepper - 1 piece;
  • parsley - to taste;
  • garlic - 1 clove;
  • olive oil - to taste;
  • salt and black pepper - optional.

Tasty lean salad with red beans. Step by step recipe

  1. First of all, you need to dry the nuts to a crunch: it is best in the oven, turning it on 80-90 degrees (it is advisable to stir occasionally). If there is a white coating on the cores, you should not use them: after all, mold can harm your health.
  2. Wash fresh bell pepper, free from seeds, cut into thin strips (the thinner it is, the tastier it will be a lean salad). Transfer to a deep bowl.
  3. Pickled cucumber is also cut into strips. It is desirable that the product is dense, without voids: then the cut will come out neat, and a delicious salad with red beans will be more beautiful.
  4. Crush the garlic with a knife blade: it’s more convenient to chop. Grind, add to pepper.
  5. Sort the dried nuts so that there are no pieces of shell and partitions, cut into large pieces. If desired, the kernels can be cleaned from the upper brown “crust”, as it is slightly bitter.
  6. Open a can of canned corn, drain the liquid, throw in a bowl to the remaining components.
  7. Transfer red beans to a sieve, rinse with cold water, add to corn. It will be no less tasty if the main product is white. Of course, a lean salad with beans will turn out to be paler: however, this will not affect the taste.
  8. Rinse the greens in a basin of water several times, so that particles of sand sink to the bottom of the vessel. Shake, finely chop, add greens to a lean and tasty salad.
  9. Season the dish with olive oil. If desired, you can salt, add a little black or red ground pepper, mix gently.
  10. What else can be added to the salad recipe with canned red beans?
  11. If you remove the nuts and cucumbers, then you should put the pickled champignons in the dish, and prepare the dressing on the basis of ordinary vinegar, mustard and olive oil. Cut bell pepper not into strips, but in small cubes.
  12. To make the dish more nutritious: although the beans are already quite substantial, it is worth supplementing the components with boiled or baked chicken fillet.
  13. Salad "Highlight" can be seasoned with mayonnaise or mustard dressing: only put not very much. Hard cheese grated on a fine grater would be appropriate.
  14. Beans in tomato juice (which can be preserved on their own) are perfect for lean dishes. It is advisable to add the liquid to another dish or to a salad with tomatoes, mozzarella and red onion.
  15. Walnuts improve mental activity, so the dish is considered not only nutritious, but also healthy. The recipe for a delicious salad with red beans will definitely be to your taste, will cheer you up for the whole day and provide energy.

I served a lean salad with red beans in a bowl, garnished with lettuce (I took a variety of Lollo Bionda) and cherry tomatoes. Friends really liked the dish: it is especially tasty in combination with mashed potatoes and chicken cutlets (not all my friends observe the fast). Walnuts can be excluded from the recipe: however, it is they that give the dish an interesting zest. And I would put half the jar of corn, as it slightly interrupts the taste of the remaining components. Pickled cucumbers can be replaced with red tomatoes, cutting them into not too thin slices. Cherry tomatoes are also good as a salad dressing.

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