Delicious spring salad with wild garlic

Delicious spring salad with wild garlic

I propose to cook a delicious spring salad with wild garlic - a very simple, but at the same time, a very useful vitamin salad. I always cook this dish in early spring, as soon as wild garlic appears: my homework is delighted with this salad. The taste of the salad is piquant and original: after all, wild garlic has a pronounced garlic smell and taste - it is not without reason that it is called wild garlic. The salad is preparing quickly, the ingredients are simple. And if it is still beautifully decorated, then you can surprise guests not only with the look of the salad, but also with an exquisite, unusual and wonderful taste.


  • 300 grams of chicken;
  • 1 large fresh cucumber;
  • 5 boiled eggs;
  • 1 bunch of wild garlic;
  • 200 grams of mayonnaise or sour cream;
  • salt to taste.

Delicious spring salad with wild leek. Step by step recipe

  1. First, prepare the chicken. Rinse the meat, clean from excess films and fat, cut into small strips. It is better to cut the meat across the fibers.
  2. The chopped chicken should be fried in a pan, after pouring the butter. Fry until cooked: you need to literally brown and the meat is ready (be careful not to overdry the meat). To stack excess fat from the meat, put it to cool on a plate covered with a paper towel.
  3. If you do not like fried meat, you can first boil it, and then cut it into small strips.
  4. While the meat is cooling, prepare the cucumber. Wash a fresh cucumber (if there is not one big one, take two medium ones), cut into small strips (if my cucumber is not homemade, then I still peel it, since there are a lot of nitrates and harmful substances). Leave the chopped cucumber in a separate bowl.
  5. Boil the eggs, cool, peel the eggs and, like a cucumber, cut into small strips. We leave the chopped eggs in a separate bowl.
  6. Ramson well washed, dried, pruned roots and cut into a small strip. Chopped wild garlic is also left in a separate bowl.
  7. We proceed to the formation of the salad. All the ingredients must be combined in one bowl, mix thoroughly, add salt to taste, mayonnaise or sour cream, mix well.
  8. If you do not want to use store-bought mayonnaise, then on our site “I like to cook” there are many excellent recipes for home-made mayonnaise.
  9. We proceed to decorate the salad. On a plate, you can lay the washed leaves of wild garlic, put a salad in the center, and spread boiled quail eggs on the edge of the plate.

Delicious spring salad with wild garlic is ready. You can make your favorite side dishes for such a salad. Do not be afraid to experiment and surprise your near and dear ones. The taste of the salad turns out to be unusual, very original: such a salad can be safely put on the festive table. You can season the dish with your favorite spices, decorate to your taste. After spending a little time on cooking, you will get a great dish. There are many excellent recipes for spring salads on our website “I Love Cooking”.

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