Dried cherries - yummy and good


Dried cherries - yummy and good!

I want to tell you how to dry the cherries properly, so that it is tasty and retains all its useful properties as much as possible. Dried cherries in this way are very tasty, aromatic. And what a wonderful compote it turns out in the winter .... can not be expressed in words.


  • Cherries;
  • sugar;
  • water.

Step by step recipe for dried cherries for the winter

  1. Wash the sweet cherry and remove the stalks.
  2. To make the bones easier to remove, dry the cherries a little in the oven at a temperature of 35 - 40C.
  3. Take an equal amount of water and sugar (1: 1), boil and dip the cherries there. Bring the cherries to a boil, turn off the cool and leave to infuse until tomorrow.
  4. After 12 hours, boil the cherries again and cool. Arrange on a cloth or parchment to dry.
  5. Then we send to dry on a wire rack in the oven at a temperature of 60C, and at the end of drying we lower the temperature to 50C.
  6. It is possible to determine if the cherries have dried, in an easy way: when pressed, juice should not flow from it, but should be soft in structure.
  7. Cherry is stored in chintz bags, or well-dried containers, where it is not very damp.

Dried cherries can be used in baking, desserts. Sometimes it can even replace raisins, this will give the dish a special piquancy and a new aroma.

Enjoy your meal!

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