Egg-free mayonnaise with milk

Egg-free mayonnaise with milk

I propose to cook a very simple homemade mayonnaise without eggs in milk. For myself, has long ceased to buy store mayonnaise. The composition of homemade mayonnaise resembles the composition of a traditional French sauce. Mayonnaise is so popular in the world that it is one of the three main international seasonings: such as ketchup and mustard. Once I cooked it without an egg yolk, in milk - and was pleasantly surprised: after all, the taste turned out to be very delicate. You also need to remember that homemade mayonnaise is served exclusively cold. It is not recommended to use it for baking meat or other products in the oven. It will only bring you harm, not benefit. In dishes with heat treatment, bechamel sauce is better: it does not exfoliate at high temperatures and remains useful. On our site you will find a recipe for its preparation. And I'm sharing with you a recipe for homemade mayonnaise in milk without eggs.


  • milk 2.5% or 3.2% - 75 milliliters;
  • Refined sunflower oil - 150 milliliters;
  • Russian mustard - 1 teaspoon;
  • sugar, salt - a pinch;
  • lemon juice - 1 tablespoon.

Mayonnaise without eggs in milk. Step by step recipe

  1. Everything is prepared very simply and quickly - even a child will cope with it. We need to prepare a deep bowl in which we will whip all our ingredients. The glass that comes with the blender is perfect: it is transparent, the blender plunges wonderfully into it. You can replace it with any other one you have.
  2. Pour in butter, then milk, add mustard, salt, sugar. Lower the blender and begin to whisk at high speeds. The first 30 seconds do not take out the blender: keep it in its original position.
  3. Now that you see how the process of conversion to “emulsion” begins, add lemon juice. Raise and lower the blender a little, bring homemade mayonnaise to thicken. If thickening does not occur, then leave everything as is for two minutes and start the whipping process again. You will succeed. Homemade mayonnaise in milk without eggs is ready. Serve it with salads.

Remember that homemade mayonnaise should be stored in a glass jar with a lid for no more than 2-3 days. Further, he will lose his taste and appearance: and is unlikely to be useful. Also, to vary the taste, you can use not only sunflower oil: olive oil is great. For a rich taste, you can add various finely chopped greens. Cook with “I love to cook”: here you will find many delicious and healthy salad recipes with which you can serve homemade mayonnaise.

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