Eggplant caviar for the winter - the most delicious recipe

Eggplant caviar for the winter - the most delicious recipe

Remember in the movie: overseas eggplant caviar? Well, how can you do without eggplant caviar, especially cooked according to the most delicious recipe. Homemade eggplant caviar is prepared for the winter so that you just lick your fingers. All your friends, having tasted the most delicious eggplant caviar, will beg your recipe. Be sure to cook such eggplant caviar, especially since it is cooked very quickly and you get the most delicious caviar in the world.


  • 2 kilograms of eggplant;
  • 2 pods of hot pepper;
  • 1.5 kilograms of tomatoes;
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar;
  • 1 kilogram of sweet pepper;
  • 700 grams of carrots;
  • 6 tablespoons of salt;
  • 1 kilogram of onion;
  • 3 part tablespoons 9% vinegar;
  • 0.5 liters of sunflower oil.

Eggplant caviar is the most delicious recipe. Step by step recipe

  1. My eggplant and cut off their tails. Then we cut the eggplants into cubes, they do not need to be peeled. Pour the eggplant into a large container and fill it with cold water. Add there 4 tablespoons of coarse salt and mix, you can by hand. Leave to stand for 40 minutes so that all the bitterness comes out of the eggplant.
  2. Ripe my tomatoes and let it drain slightly. On tomatoes, on both sides, we make incisions crosswise, so that we can easily peel them.
  3. All cut tomatoes are placed in a bowl and pour boiling water so that it completely covers the tomatoes. Let them stand for three minutes and remove the skin. After boiling water, it is removed easily and quickly. Then cut the tomatoes into small cubes.
  4. Peel the onion and cut into small cubes.
  5. At sweet pepper we remove tails and the middle with seeds. Next, like onions, cut into small cubes. Naturally, do not forget to wash the pepper before slicing.
  6. The washed hot peppers are cut into small cubes and set aside.
  7. We clean the carrots, wash them and three on a medium grater.
  8. 40 minutes have passed and we drain the water from the eggplant. The water has already absorbed all the bitterness and turned brown.
  9. We wash eggplants under running water from excess salt.
  10. In a large cast-iron pan or cauldron, pour vegetable oil and heat it. Tip: vegetable oil is best taken refined, without bitterness and odor.
  11. We put eggplant in boiling oil and fry them over low heat, stirring all the time. When they are fried and a golden crust appears on them, transfer them to the pan.
  12. Add a little oil to the cauldron, put the onions in it and fry, stirring, for about 15 minutes, until golden brown. We shift it to the eggplant.
  13. Similarly, fry the grated carrots. Add some sunflower oil if necessary. Add the fried carrots to the onions and eggplant.
  14. Following the carrots, fry the sweet pepper. We, like all vegetables, put it in a pan.
  15. We spread the tomatoes in a cauldron or pan, you do not need to add oil to them. Cover them and simmer until cooked. Add them to the vegetables.
  16. In the pan, add the hot peppers to the vegetables and mix thoroughly. Pour two tablespoons of salt and sugar, mix and cook over low heat for 40-50 minutes.
  17. Ten minutes before the roast is quenched, add the vinegar. Mix, and after 10 minutes turn off the fire.
  18. While caviar was being stewed, we prepared the cans: they were washed and sterilized. The same thing happened with the seaming lids.
  19. Ready caviar, while it is hot, lay out on the banks. We close the lids and wrap in a blanket until the cans with caviar cool completely, after turning them upside down.

Open a jar of overseas eggplant caviar in winter and immediately feel the aroma of summer. After all, in it we collected the most delicious summer vegetables. Such caviar can be served with any dish or just spread on fresh bread. And they will certainly tell you that this is the most delicious eggplant caviar. Well, as always, we invite you to the Very Delicious website, because there are so many new preservation recipes that, as they say, you can’t prepare them. Enjoy your meal!

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