Fast home ketchup

Fast Home Ketchup

My family loves to add ketchup to different dishes. And to meat, and to vegetables. A purchased ketchup is not at all useful, so we found an alternative - a simple recipe for making quick home-made ketchup, which can be done in almost half a kilogram in 40 minutes. I am sure you will like this recipe, and you, like my family, will refuse harmful purchase and expensive ketchup.


  • mashed tomatoes - 450 grams;
  • water - 150-200 grams;
  • onion - 50 grams;
  • garlic - 2 cloves;
  • sugar - 80 grams or to taste;
  • lemon juice - 20 grams or to taste;
  • salt - 3 grams or to taste;
  • cinnamon - a pinch;
  • cloves - 2-3 pieces;
  • black pepper - 8-10 pieces;
  • allspice - 4-5 pieces.

Fast homemade ketchup. Step cooking

  1. We take a pan with a thick bottom and transfer the grated tomatoes into it. Grind tomatoes with a food processor or juicer. You can break tomatoes into porridge with a blender and strain through a sieve. If there are no tomatoes, you can take tomato juice or tomato paste.
  2. If you use tomato paste or mashed tomatoes, you need to dilute them with water to the consistency of tomato juice.
  3. Now you need to prepare the onions and garlic. We clean the onions. If you do not cut the dry tail, then the bow will not pinch your eyes. You need to cut it into small pieces. To do this, we cut in half, then cut the half in half, then divide them into long parts, and these parts into small squares.
  4. It will be easier to peel the garlic if you put it on the board, take a wide knife, and press down the clove with the side of the knife. He will crush, cut off the top and easily peel off the husk. Cut the garlic into cubes too. To do this, cut it into four parts, and make cubes out of them.
  5. Pour onion and garlic into a pan with tomato.
  6. Now add to the tomato mixture cloves, just a couple of twigs, allspice peas and black peppercorns. In addition to these spices, you can add others that you like more or, conversely, do not add anything.
  7. Mix the future ketchup well.
  8. Now turn on the stove and put a saucepan on it so that the mass warms up and boils. You need to cook, stirring occasionally, until the ketchup becomes thick. It usually takes 20-25 minutes.
  9. Pour lemon juice into the thickened mass or, if it is not, you can use vinegar 6% or 9%. Quantity can be changed. If you like acidic - add more.
  10. Add a pinch of cinnamon, salt and sugar to the pan. Here, too, you can rely on your taste preferences and change the quantity.
  11. Do not forget to mix well.
  12. Continue to cook for two to three minutes, periodically stirring the mass.
  13. Now we take an empty container and a sieve. You need to wipe the ketchup to remove pepper, cloves, etc. For this, put the ketchup in a sieve and wipe it with a spoon so that the net mass is in the pan, and all that is not needed is in the sieve. If you do not want to bother with this, you can do otherwise. When you cook ketchup with spices, you can put them in a small gauze bundle, and then just pull it out and throw it away so you don’t have to grind it.
  14. Ready ketchup must be transferred to a sterilized jar. Sterilization of cans can be different, but this, of course, can be done at home. The first sterilization method is to hold the can over the steam. We boil water, put the wire rack on the pan and on top of a clean jar washed with soda. Hold it like that for a few minutes and take it off. Only before pouring ketchup, the jar should dry. You can also sterilize in the microwave. To do this, pour about 2 centimeters into a jar of water and put in the microwave for 2-3 minutes at a power of 800-900 watts. And the lid for the jar needs to be boiled.
  15. Put ketchup in a jar and twist. You can store it in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. You can also twist this ketchup for the winter. To do this, after rubbing it through a sieve, boil again about 3-5 minutes, and pour the boiling ketchup into sterilized jars.

Now you know how to cook a quick home-made ketchup. The recipe is very simple, and today you can serve delicious home-made home-made tomato sauce to the table. Now you can not be afraid to give children ketchup, because you know for sure that there is nothing harmful in it. Visit us at “Very Delicious”, we always have a lot of cool recipes! Enjoy your meal!

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