First-class puff pastry khachapuri

First-class puff pastry khachapuri

There is no single recipe for khachapuri: for example, I really like first-class khachapuri from quick puff pastry on beer. Crispy puff pastry, incredibly tender - and very juicy cheese filling: an unusually tasty dish can be cooked on your own, whipped up. Puff pastry Khachapuri with cheese is a very satisfying and mouth-watering pie, a great idea for a dinner with your family. Everything is very simple: write down the recipe.


For puff yeast-free dough on beer:

  • 500 grams of flour (it may take a little more);
  • 400 grams of well-frozen butter (margarine);
  • 250 milliliters of beer;
  • a pinch of salt.

For khachapuri:

  • 450 grams of quick puff pastry on beer;
  • 300 grams of Mozzarella cheese (may be less);
  • 2 raw chicken eggs;
  • flour for dusting the work surface.

First-class quick puff pastry khachapuri. Step by step recipe

  1. Prepare puff yeast-free pastry on beer for khachapuri in advance. Sift the flour into a deep bowl, add a pinch of salt.
  2. On a coarse grater, rub well-frozen butter into flour (can be replaced with margarine, also well-chilled).
  3. During rubbing, mix the oil periodically with flour (grinding) with your hands. It should be butter crumb.
  4. It is the oil that makes the dough layered. After you have rubbed all the oil, again we rub everything well with our hands.
  5. Pour very cold beer (it should be from the refrigerator: this is a prerequisite) into the flour and quickly combine everything into one in a lump: it is important that the butter does not have time to melt.
  6. We put the finished puff pastry into a bag, close it and send it to the refrigerator for three hours, so that it lies and cools. After this time, we begin to cook khachapuri.
  7. Tip. If you are not going to use the dough on beer immediately, then put it in the freezer and take it out if necessary.
  8. Turn on the oven at 230 degrees to warm up. And we start making cheese cakes.
  9. On a coarse grater we rub all the cheese.
  10. Drive one egg into the cheese and mix. If necessary, the filling can be slightly salted. I do not do this, as the cheese is quite salty, for my taste.
  11. Sprinkle flour on the table and the dough, roll the dough into a layer (this must be done very quickly), about 3 millimeters thick.
  12. With a pizza knife, cut the uneven edges of the dough to make a rectangle.
  13. We cut the dough on beer into two equal parts, from which we will form khachapuri.
  14. We spread the filling on each part of the dough (in the middle, with a kind of slide).
  15. We connect the opposite corners of the resulting squares in the center, forming a kind of envelope. Pinch all the edges. (You can watch this process in more detail in the video under the recipe). Press a little with your hand so that the filling inside is evenly distributed.
  16. We transfer our khachapuri from yeast dough to a baking sheet covered with parchment paper.
  17. In the second egg (according to the recipe), we separate the yolk: we need it for lubrication. Mix a little with a fork.
  18. Lubricate the tops of khachapuri with a silicone brush to make them beautiful and crispy.
  19. The oven warmed up well during this time, we sent a baking tray with khachapuri into it for about 20 minutes: they should be well browned.
  20. We shift the cheese cakes on the board to cool slightly.

Quick puff pastry on beer prepared according to this recipe is suitable not only for khachapuri, but also for various pies and pies. For the filling, you can use various varieties of cheese: brine, hard, cottage cheese or suluguni. It turns out very tasty if several varieties of cheese are combined in one filling. On our site “Very Delicious” you can see other recipes of khachapuri: as I said, there is simply no single recipe.

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