Fragrant strawberry compote for the winter

Fragrant strawberry compote for the winter

Strawberry compote for the winter is so delicious. Strawberries are much more fragrant than strawberries, so compote from it is always more saturated and rich in taste. I love strawberry compote for the ease of preparation and the incredible wonderful invigorating energy that you get when you drink it.


  • Wild strawberries.

For syrup:

  • Water - 1 liter;
  • sugar - 300-400 grams;
  • citric acid - 2 grams.

Step by step recipe for strawberry compote for the winter

  1. But how to cook strawberry compote for the winter, I will tell you in detail in the further description. Sort the berries of strawberries, rinse and put in cans with a capacity of 0.5 liters to half.
  2. Prepare the syrup from water and sugar, bringing it to a boil and completely dissolve the sugar.
  3. Pour the berries in jars with hot syrup, cover with lids, and place in a saucepan with water to be sterilized.
  4. Be sure to place a cloth napkin or wire rack on the bottom of the pan. Sterilize jars from the moment of boiling for 3-4 minutes.
  5. Then immediately roll up the covers.

Stewed strawberries are very saturated, even more like strawberries in their own juice. If desired, it can be diluted with water.

Delicious to you preparations, and bon appetit!

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