Freezing wild mushrooms for the winter in raw

Freezing forest mushrooms for the winter in raw, boiled and fried form

One of the easiest ways harvest mushrooms for the future - freeze them. Moreover, you can freeze both fresh mushrooms and boiled or slightly fried. Spongy mushrooms, such as ceps, boletus, butterflies, mushrooms and others, are recommended to either be frozen raw or boiled before freezing. But lamellar, saffron mushrooms, chanterelles, honey mushrooms, tastier when they are first fried. It would seem that freezing fresh mushrooms is more useful, but there are some drawbacks to this. For example, fresh mushrooms take up a lot of space, and when boiled, they decrease in volume. Boiling mushrooms will also be safer for health. Freezing wild mushrooms for the winter at home recipes with photos only fit fresh, strong mushrooms, plucked that day as well young, not wormy. Below we will present you a homemade recipe for freezing mushrooms for the winter in raw, boiled and fried form. You will need to prepare plastic bags or containers and a marker to indicate the date and name of the frozen mushrooms.

Frozen Mushroom Ingredients for Winter

White mushroom
Butterflies and others.

Step by step preparation of frozen mushrooms with photo

  1. White mushroom - freezing raw. To do this, porcini mushrooms (or other tubular) must be cleaned of dirt and twigs, clean all damaged areas. Rinse the mushrooms under water, but do not get carried away so that the mushrooms do not have time to absorb moisture. Dry the mushrooms with a paper towel.
  2. Small mushrooms can be frozen whole, but large ones, it is better to cut into several parts. Place the mushrooms on a flat surface, such as a tray, and place in the freezer. After a few hours, when the mushrooms are completely frozen, pack them in bags or containers. Mushrooms stack tightly to each other.
  3. Seal tightly and store on a separate shelf so that the mushrooms do not absorb the smells of meat or fish.
  4. Such mushrooms are thawed by placing them in the refrigerator. Before cooking, boil.
  5. To harvest mushrooms boiled, and in this way you can freeze almost all mushrooms - ceps, honey mushrooms, boletus, butter, chanterelles, etc., they are first cleaned and then thoroughly washed. Remove the film from the oil and clean the legs of other mushrooms with a knife. If the mushrooms are large, cut them into pieces.
  6. Boil large amounts of water and dip the mushrooms into it. Once the water boils again, cook the mushrooms for 1-2 minutes. Throw it in a colander so that all the moisture in the glass.
  7. Pack the mushrooms in portions in bags, carefully press with your hands so that all the excess air comes out. Indicate the date of freezing and send to the freezer. Boiled mushrooms can not be thawed, but immediately added during cooking, to the dish.
  8. In order to have almost ready mushrooms for fried potatoes, salad or pizza in the winter, prepare fried mushrooms. For this, tubular and lamellar mushrooms are suitable. Using chanterelles as an example, I will show how to do this.
  9. Rinse the mushrooms, let the excess liquid drain.
  10. Cut the mushrooms into small pieces.
  11. Pour a little vegetable oil into the pan, about 2 tbsp. and send mushrooms into it (chanterelles, ceps, etc.). Start frying over medium heat, stirring occasionally. Immediately a lot of liquid will start to stand out and the mushrooms will decrease in size. If you have mushrooms that did not fit in the pan, you can now toss them into it. Simmer until liquid has evaporated. You can add a little salt to the mushrooms.
  12. Arrange the cooled, fried mushrooms in bags, squeeze, removing all the air.
  13. Send to the freezer. Such mushrooms are almost immediately ready for use, after heating.

With the correct freezing of forest mushrooms, in winter you will get an excellent result. Mushrooms will be like fresh, and the dishes with them will be delicious. Enjoy your meal!

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