Fried pies with potatoes and mushrooms

Fried pies with potatoes and mushrooms

When you want something wholesome and quick, try cooking delicious fried pies with potatoes and mushrooms. Pies from the air dough will appeal to everyone. Their preparation does not take much time and products. Recipe - checked more than once. The picnic season will open soon - and you can cook delicious fried pies with various savory fillings and treat your relatives and friends in nature.


  • wheat flour - 450 grams;
  • milk - 250 milliliters;
  • eggs - two pieces;
  • sugar - 1.5 tablespoons;
  • salt - 0.5 tablespoons;
  • fresh pressed yeast - 20 grams;
  • distilled water (boiled) - 125 milliliters;
  • sunflower oil - two tablespoons;
  • boiled potatoes - four pieces;
  • mushrooms (to your taste) - 500 grams;
  • onion - 1 piece.

Fried pies with potatoes and mushrooms. Step by step recipe

Let's start with the test.

  1. Pour into a bowl in which we will knead our dough, warmed milk and water. We introduce the yeast, breaking them into pieces a little, stir until completely dissolved.
  2. Separately, whisk two eggs, one and a half tablespoons of sugar and half a tablespoon of salt. All this is added to previously prepared soluble yeast in milk. And stir well.
  3. Now it's time to add flour. I recommend sifting flour through a sieve: this way we will enrich it with oxygen and, as a result, we will get air dough. When about half the flour is added, add vegetable oil. We continue to add flour, stirring thoroughly with a spatula so that lumps do not form. When the dough is kneaded, cover it with a towel or cling film, and set in a warm place for 40 minutes.

If we want to get delicious yeast fried pies, then the dough should not be clogged or thick: it should be of the same consistency and soft enough, even slightly stick to the bowl and hands. Then the fried pies will remain airy.

Let's get stuffed.

  1. Today I offer potatoes with mushrooms. To do this, boil the potatoes in salted water until tender. Pour the water and make mashed potatoes using a pusher.
  2. Now the mushrooms. This time I used champignons for the filling. Well washed them under running water several times. I do not recommend soaking or boiling, since you will remove the smell of mushrooms. After that, let the excess water drain, pat it with a paper towel, separate the legs from the cap and cut everything into medium pieces. It is not worth cutting too finely: mushrooms will fry away a lot of their moisture when frying and decrease in size.
  3. Pour a little vegetable oil into a hot pan. Then fry the mushrooms over medium heat, stirring occasionally. Dice the onion and fry with the mushrooms. You can add salt, pepper or spices to your liking.

You can take any other mushrooms: if it is forest, then boil them and fry a sufficient amount of time.

  1. When the fried mushrooms and potatoes have cooled, mix them in a bowl. We taste it, determining for ourselves what is missing and add spices. I love spicy - therefore, add more pepper.
  2. Back to the test. We crush it and leave to approach one more time: for about 20 minutes.

Now we are preparing a working surface on which we will sculpt our pies.

  1. We no longer use flour. We need only sunflower oil (pour a small amount into a bowl). In it we will wet our hands. Lubricate the work surface with oil and spread our dough. Squeeze a little and divide it into identical pieces. The size of the pies directly depends on the size of the pieces.
  2. Now knead a little slice of dough and put our filling in the middle. Wrap it like a dumpling. We give a beautiful oval shape and set it aside.
  3. Pour vegetable oil into the pan: about a finger in thickness. Heat the pan. Before laying out the pies, reduce the heat to medium. We fry the pies on both sides and, in the end, turn them on their side.
  4. We spread it on a paper towel. Let the excess oil soak in.

The most delicious fried pies are ready.

Now you know the recipe for delicious fried pies. Patties: what’s hot, what’s cold - they taste great. They can be served at home with sour cream or sauce, and if you take them on the road, then, having eaten one pie, immediately restore strength. Feel free to experiment with toppings for pies: please and surprise yourself and your family. Stay with “I love to cook”: it’s always delicious with us. Enjoy your meal!

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