Fried potato salad

Fried potato salad

I love simple food, the preparation of which does not need to spend a lot of time: and recently, a salad with fried potatoes has become my favorite. Any salad can sparkle with new colors, if it is unusual to serve it. We arm ourselves with time and imagination: the result will conquer everyone. Let's cook together with “Very Delicious” a delicious and beautiful salad of Uzbek cuisine.


  • four potatoes;
  • two fresh cucumbers;
  • four eggs;
  • 100 grams of cheese;
  • mayonnaise;
  • ground black pepper;
  • salt;
  • fresh greens.

Fried potato salad. Step by step recipe

  1. Wash, peel and chop four medium-sized potatoes into thin strips.
  2. Fry potato straws in vegetable oil until golden brown.
  3. In order to remove excess oil from fried potatoes, lay the potatoes on a paper towel.
  4. Add salt and black pepper to the finished potato to taste.
  5. Cut fresh cucumbers with a knife into thin strips (cucumbers do not need to be peeled).
  6. Boil chicken eggs in salted water and peel. Cut the peeled eggs into strips, too (I do this with an egg slicer, but you can use a knife).
  7. Grate the cheese on a medium grater (you can use any cheese for lean salad)
  8. Lay out the Uzbek salad in layers: half the potato, cucumber, egg, grated cheese, make a mayonnaise net and repeat the layers again in the same sequence.
  9. Garnish the salad with fresh chopped herbs (I have green onions).

Another thing I would like to add from myself: if you have a grater that rubs with straws, then you can not chop vegetables with a knife, but grate everything.

A hearty, beautiful salad with fried potatoes is ready for serving. Show your imagination and decorate the salad at your own discretion: for example, slices of fresh tomato. Simple products made an incredibly tasty and no less healthy salad.

Prepare a very tasty lean salad with “Very Delicious” and you will see for yourself that everything is delicious. And try to cook an unusually delicious "Greek" salad and "Amateur" salad with beets, gherkins and other vegetables.

You can watch a step-by-step recipe for making a salad on the YouTube channel video.

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