Funky turkish potato salad

Funky Turkish Potato Salad

I want to share a recipe for a funky Turkish potato salad, simple and quick to prepare. A very original and tasty salad, and the combination of all ingredients and spices gives a simply magical aroma. This is a wonderful meal for a family dinner: my family eats it with great pleasure.


  • 5-6 pieces of medium-sized potatoes;
  • 3-4 eggs;
  • 1 blue onion;
  • 3 pieces of green onions;
  • 1 red pepper (paprika);
  • juice of 1 lemon;
  • parsley;
  • dill;
  • cilantro;
  • olive oil for salad dressing;
  • salt to taste;
  • ground black pepper to taste;
  • 250-300 milliliters of broth.

Funky Turkish Potato Salad. Step by step recipe

  1. First we need to prepare potatoes. Wash raw potatoes and boil in their skins, allow time to cool. Cook potatoes for about twenty minutes: it should not be digested.
  2. Peel the boiled potatoes and cut into a small cube. Transfer chopped potatoes into a separate bowl and pour warm broth: about three minutes.
  3. You can use the broth already prepared or make it yourself.
  4. To cook meat broth, you can use any meat (chicken, beef, pork) or not only meat, but also bone. Put the water in the pan on the fire, put the meat and bring to a boil.
  5. While the meat is being cooked, you can add various spices: salt, black or red ground pepper, onion, garlic, parsley, bay leaf, coriander, rosemary and caraway seeds. Add spices based on your taste preferences.
  6. Depending on the type of meat, the broth will cook a different amount of time. The quickest way to make chicken broth.
  7. Ready broth needs to be filtered and further consumed as intended.
  8. Boiled eggs will be needed for our salad: they need to be boiled, allowed to cool and peeled.
  9. Peel the blue onion and cut into half rings: with a knife or grate on a special grater.
  10. It is better to use blue onion: its taste is softer and more tender.
  11. After three minutes have passed, we get the potatoes carefully out of the broth, transfer to a separate bowl. I shift the potatoes with a spoon: if a little broth gets with the potatoes, then it's okay - it will be like a salad dressing.
  12. Add chopped onions to the potato bowl.
  13. Prepare red pepper: it needs to be peeled and cut into small cubes. If you like pepper, you can cut another one. Add chopped pepper to onions and potatoes.
  14. Next, you need to cut green onions into thin rings (use both the white and green parts) and send it to the rest of the chopped ingredients.
  15. Prepare the greens. Thoroughly rinse the parsley, dill and cilantro, cut off the unnecessary tips and cut into medium-sized cubes: do not need to be finely chopped.
  16. Cilantro has a peculiar taste and smell, if you do not like it, it can replace parsley or dill.
  17. Sprinkle chopped greens to other chopped vegetables.
  18. Let's move on to the salad dressing. First you need to squeeze the juice of half a lemon, pour olive oil, add black ground pepper and salt to taste, and mix everything thoroughly.
  19. If you wish, you can add fresh or dried chili and sheep’s cheese.
  20. After the salad is mixed, you need to try it and, focusing on your taste, you can add lemon juice, olive oil, salt and black pepper.
  21. I leave the salad for a while so that it is well soaked.
  22. Cut the boiled eggs into medium-sized cubes and put on top of the salad.

Our funky Turkish potato salad is ready: it will delight your family not only with its bright appearance, but also with a very original taste. A feature of the salad is that it can be eaten both in cold and warm form: I warm up a little in the microwave before serving. On the site "I like to cook" you can find a lot of interesting salad recipes. Enjoy your meal.

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