Gentle grandmother's recipe

Gentle grandmother's recipe

The tender chicken house according to my grandmother’s recipe, which I suggest you cook today, turns out to be very juicy and tasty. The recipe is different from the old, traditional one: after all, a real kurnik is a pie with a multi-layer filling, divided by thin pancakes. I make quick kefir dough as the basis, and use potatoes and chicken for the filling: it turns out very tasty. A hearty, tender and incredibly fragrant chicken hen will appeal to absolutely everyone: you can take it with you to work, take a walk - and simply serve it to the table for tea.


  • 4 cups of wheat flour;
  • 250 grams of margarine;
  • one glass of kefir;
  • a teaspoon without a slide of soda;
  • a pinch of salt.

For filling:

  • 3-4 tubers of raw potatoes;
  • 300 grams of chicken;
  • 2-3 onions;
  • salt and spices to taste.

Additionally: one egg for greasing the henhouse.

A gentle chicken coop according to my grandmother’s recipe. Step by step recipe

  1. Prepare the dough for the chicken. Melt the margarine (in any convenient way), cool to room temperature.
  2. Sift wheat flour (according to the recipe) into a bowl for kneading dough. Add salt, soda, kefir (of any fat content), cooled margarine.
  3. With a spatula, we begin to knead the dough, continue to knead with our hands (right in the bowl). The finished dough is elastic and does not stick to your hands. We cover the bowl with the dough with cling film and put in the refrigerator for 40 minutes or for one hour.
  4. Let's prepare the stuffing for the chicken. Finely chop the chicken fillet (into cubes).
  5. Peel the potatoes, wash, cut into small cubes.
  6. Cut the peeled onion heads into thin half rings (or cubes).
  7. We divide the finished dough into two parts: one should be larger than the other.
  8. We roll out two layers: according to the form in which we will bake the kurnik.
  9. We grease a form or a baking sheet with high sides with vegetable oil (a brush), lay a larger layer of dough, form the sides.
  10. Spread the filling: the first layer will be potatoes. We align it in shape.
  11. Onion spread evenly on potatoes.
  12. Salt and pepper (to taste).
  13. We spread onion slices of chicken, salt, sprinkle with your favorite spices.
  14. We close it with the second layer of dough, pinch it, make a pigtail (how to do it beautifully, see my video under the recipe). In the center of the henhouse we make a small hole.
  15. Pour 50 milliliters of water into the hole.
  16. Grease the cake with a beaten chicken egg. The remaining eggs are poured into the hole.
  17. We put a baking sheet with a chicken pot in an oven preheated to 200 degrees, bake for 40-50 minutes.
  18. We take out the finished cake from the oven, grease with a brush with water, cover with a towel.

After 20 minutes, cut the chicken hen and potato into portions and serve. Pie with filling is very hearty and incredibly tasty - they can be eaten very quickly (unless, of course, you can stop). You can see even more nourishing baking recipes on my channel and on the site “Very tasty”. Bon appetit and good mood.

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