Herring under a ruby ​​fur coat


Herring under a ruby ​​fur coat

And I have a new recipe for you: herring under a ruby ​​fur coat, almost a herring under a fur coat, only more beautiful. It would seem that from childhood, a familiar salad, a classic herring under a fur coat, can be prepared according to a new recipe, so much so that it is impossible to take your eyes off. We will spend a little more time for cooking herring under a fur coat, but the new holiday herring under a fur coat will not leave anyone indifferent.


  • 250 grams of herring;
  • 250 grams of carrots;
  • 200 grams of mayonnaise;
  • 5 pieces of eggs of medium size;
  • 250 grams of beets;
  • 250 grams of potatoes;
  • 50 grams of onion;
  • to taste salt and pepper.

For jelly:

  • 50-100 grams of boiled beets;
  • 20-25 grams of gelatin;
  • a pinch of salt;
  • 150 grams of water for soaking gelatin;
  • 350 grams of water (80-90 degrees) for beets.

Onion marinade:

  • 150 grams of water;
  • 15 grams of 6-9% vinegar or lemon juice;
  • 20 grams of sugar.

Herring under a ruby ​​fur coat. Step by step recipe

  1. At the very beginning, pour the gelatin into a bowl and fill it with cold boiled water. Be sure to mix so that there are no lumps. Leave the gelatin to swell.
  2. We rub the boiled beets on a fine grater, fill it with hot water and add the swollen gelatin to it.
  3. Stir the beets with a spoon until the gelatin dissolves in it.
  4. Filter the resulting mixture through a fine sieve and salt to taste.
  5. Pour red liquid into a container so that the height of the liquid is not more than one centimeter. We put in the refrigerator so that it completely freezes.
  6. Peel the onion and cut into small cubes.
  7. We shift it into a bowl or bowl. Add vinegar to it, in our version apple. Pour sugar and pour warm, but not hot boiled water. Mix and let stand for 15-20 minutes.
  8. Herring fillet, we use only salted fish, cut into small cubes. By the way, in the store you can buy ready-made fillets, but you can buy herring and already cut the houses yourself.
  9. Cook potatoes, carrots, beets and eggs in advance. Each of the above products is clean and three on a coarse grater.
  10. Grated products are laid out in different containers and add two teaspoons of mayonnaise to them. We add each product and pepper separately. Mix thoroughly with a spoon.
  11. On a large glass dish, we install a ring taken from a detachable shape with a diameter of 21 cm.
  12. At the bottom of the dish lay a layer of chopped herring.
  13. On top of the herring we spread the already pickled and pressed onions.
  14. The next layer is the potato.
  15. Then carrots, eggs and beets.
  16. Cover the form with cling film and put in the refrigerator for two hours.
  17. The jelly we put in the fridge is already frozen. Cut it into small cubes.
  18. We take the salad out of the refrigerator, remove the detachable form from it and grease it with a thin layer of mayonnaise.
  19. Top the salad with thin cubes of chopped jelly. We decorate the sides of the salad in the same way.

Herring under a fur coat is ready. How festive and beautiful the salad looks in the new design. Be sure to cook the salad so beloved by everyone in a new serving, and your guests will be overwhelmed with joyful emotions. And yet, the herring under a fur coat was very tasty. The site "Very tasty" has prepared for you a lot of original and interesting recipes. Do not forget to look at him more often. Enjoy your meal!

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