Insanely delicious creamy mushroom sauce

Insanely delicious creamy mushroom sauce

We offer you a recipe for insanely tasty, fragrant and uncomplicated in the preparation of creamy mushroom sauce. The delicate combination of cream, garlic and mushrooms with its unique taste will surprise even the most demanding gourmets. With such an unusually mouth-watering, amazingly fragrant mushroom sauce home-made, any side dish or meat will only taste better. Thick sauce with garlic aroma - it is incredibly tasty! Try it, do not be afraid to experiment, surprise your family and friends. Enjoy your meal!


  • mushrooms - 200 grams;
  • butter - 70 grams;
  • cream (35%) - 250 grams;
  • onions - 1 piece;
  • garlic - 5 cloves;
  • salt and pepper to taste.

Insanely delicious creamy sauce with mushrooms. Step by step recipe

  1. For creamy sauce, you can use any mushrooms that you have (or those that you prefer). But I often cook the sauce according to this recipe with mushrooms.
  1. Peel five cloves of garlic, wash well and finely chop with a knife (if you do not want to chop with a knife, you can skip it through a press).
  2. One onion (I use a medium-sized onion) for mushroom sauce is peeled, washed and cut into half rings.
  3. For the onion with garlic, we will fry in butter.
  4. Put the pan with butter on the stove.
  5. In the preheated oil we send the chopped garlic and fry it until golden on medium heat (stir the garlic in oil during frying periodically).
  6. Then add the onion, chopped in half rings, into the pan to the roasted garlic, mix everything well and continue to fry until the onions are soft.
  7. Peel the mushrooms and cut into small pieces (very good if the mushrooms are cut into thin slices).
  8. In the pan, add the mushrooms to the fried onion with garlic and continue to fry until the mushrooms are ready (it takes me about 15 minutes to do this: it all depends on which mushrooms you will use).
  9. After this time, add the mushrooms in a pan, pepper to taste, and mix everything thoroughly.
  10. We send the prepared fat cream to the pan to the mushrooms, cover the pan with a lid, reduce the heat to a minimum.
  11. Tomim insanely delicious creamy sauce over low heat for 3-5 minutes.
  12. Tip: if you want to get cream sauce with mushrooms in the form of mashed potatoes, you can beat it with a blender. But I don’t whisk, I really like it when the sauce comes across savory slices of mushrooms, tender onions.

Insanely delicious, with a delicate garlic aroma, delicate creamy sauce is very easy to prepare. My family is delighted when I serve spaghetti with this sauce on the table. Garlic sauce will give any side dish a special taste and richness. I really like this recipe: during cooking, you can experiment, getting a new taste every time. Cook with “Delicious”: we have prepared a lot of step-by-step recipes for you awesomely delicious home-made sauces.

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