Omelet with sausage and cheese in the oven

Omelet with sausage and cheese in the oven

To make breakfast in an unusual way, try baking cupcake-filled omelettes. In appearance, it is very similar to muffins. An interesting serving of this egg dish will undoubtedly cause even more appetite. Instead of sausage, you can use bacon or boiled poultry, as well as fried mushrooms. The dish is very soft and airy in texture and juicy in taste. One or two servings of this dish are enough to saturate. Serve omelet with sausage and cheese can be with cheese, mushroom, soy sauce, as well as adjika, mustard or homemade mayonnaise. A homemade recipe for such scrambled eggs can come in handy when you need to take some hearty snack with you to work. If you don’t have the opportunity to bake this dish, step by step cooking omelet with sausage and cheese in the oven with a photo Suitable for cooking in a pan. In this case, the omelet is cooked over low heat with the lid closed.

Oven omelette ingredients

Sausage (ham) 100 g
Onions (optional) 1 PC
Flour 1 tbsp. l
Baking powder 0.5 tsp
Eggs 5 pieces
Cottage cheese (ricotta) 50 g
Hard cheese 50 g
Butter 50 g
Salt taste
Shredded greens 1 tbsp. l

Step-by-step cooking omelet with sausage and cheese in the oven

  1. Finely chop the sausage into cubes, fry for 1 minute over medium heat.
  2. Add chopped onion and continue to fry until it is soft. Onion is not the main ingredient, so you can not add it. Cool.
  3. Combine dry ingredients - salt, flour and baking powder.
  4. In a deep bowl, beat the eggs, add the cottage cheese (ricotta), grated cheese and melted butter.
  5. Add to the egg mixture fried sausage and onions, as well as chopped greens, mix.
  6. Add dry ingredients and mix.
  7. Lubricate the muffin cups with vegetable oil and place the omelette mixture in them, leaving a little room for lifting.
  8. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and bake scrambled eggs for 25-30 minutes.

Serve hot omelet with sausage and cheese for tea or coffee with sauce or fresh vegetables. Enjoy your meal!

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