Oven stuffed cheese bread


Oven Stuffed Cheese Bread

Bread stuffed with cheese and cooked in the oven has many advantages - it fits perfectly into any, even a festive table, has an excellent taste and fast execution. Appetizing mushrooms and tender cheese give the Italian Provolone bread piquancy and sophistication. With such an original snack, you are guaranteed new taste.

I propose to cook along with "I love to cook" fragrant bread stuffed with cheese.


  • one brick of fresh bread;
  • two teaspoons of poppy seeds;
  • 110 grams of butter;
  • 100 grams of fresh chives.

For filling:

  • one tablespoon of dried thyme;
  • 340 grams of cheese (Provolone);
  • 340 grams of mushrooms (champignons);
  • one tablespoon of butter.

Cheese stuffed bread in the oven. Step by step recipe

  1. We begin to prepare the filling, which we will stuff the bread. It cooks quickly and simply.
  2. Take a pan and melt the butter in it.
  3. Raw mushrooms cut into small pieces (I used champignon mushrooms). Add to the pan to the butter.
  4. When the mushrooms start juice, add one tablespoon of thyme and continue to fry for about 2 to 3 minutes.
  5. Leave the prepared mushrooms to cool.
  6. For the filling: 340 grams of Provolone cheese (Italian semi-hard non-fat cow cheese) cut into small cubes. (Sometimes I don’t cut cheese, but rub on a coarse grater).
  7. Take one loaf of bread and cut it up and down, but do not cut it to the end. (To prepare such a dish, I used white bread, you can also take rye or bran bread).
  8. Now you need to start the bread: in the cuts we put the cubes of cheese and mushrooms.
  9. Chop green onions finely.
  10. In order to prepare a mixture for lubrication, you need 110 grams of melted butter mixed with chopped herbs and poppy seeds. Mix well.
  11. Grease a loaf of bread with the poppy mixture.
  12. Preheat the oven to 140 degrees.
  13. Cover the baking tray with foil, put bread and wrap in foil.
  14. Bake the Italian appetizer in the foil for 15 minutes, and then unfold the foil and hold in the oven for another 10 minutes. (Bake stuffed bread until the cheese melts).

I want to add from myself that I take provolone cheese a little more than the recipe: when there are a lot of fillings in the middle, then it’s much tastier.

Bread stuffed with tender mushrooms and cheese is exactly the same as in the photo. Its divine taste and aroma just drives crazy. It can be served both hot and cold. Before serving, you can cut a snack into small portions. Or, as an option, serve whole bread so that everyone can tear off a slice for themselves. This very simple appetizer recipe will give your table an original and delicious dish.

I share the recipe for stuffed bread cooked in the oven on the portal "I like to cook." We still have a lot of interesting and unusual offers that will help you make your vacation with friends, family and loved ones unforgettable. And be sure to try the garlic bread, as well as the best Italian bread recipes.

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