Pickled cucumbers without vinegar


Pickled cucumbers without vinegar

Pickled cucumbers without vinegar seem to be created for those who can not afford for one reason or another to eat preservation with vinegar. I have long been aware of this method of preserving cucumbers for the winter without vinegar, it is very uncomplicated, cucumbers always turn out to be perfectly crispy, and which to taste are delicate pickled cucumbers.


On a 3 liter jar:

  • cucumbers
  • oak leaves - 3 pieces;
  • garlic - 2 cloves;
  • carrot - a few circles;
  • a couple of strips of bell pepper;
  • add half a hot pepper pod if desired;
  • black pepper peas - 2-3 little things;
  • citric acid - 1 teaspoon.

To fill:

  • water - 1.6-1.7 liters;
  • salt - 4 teaspoons;
  • sugar - 8 teaspoons.

Pickled cucumbers without vinegar. Step by step recipe

  1. Soak the cucumbers in water for 3-4 hours, then be sure to wash them.
  2. Together with cucumbers, put oak leaves, garlic, peppercorns in a jar. Arrange the cucumbers in circles of carrots, and stripes of bell pepper.
  3. Boil the water, and pour the prepared cucumbers in the jar for 15 minutes with boiling water.
  4. Pour the water from the cucumbers into a pan, add salt and sugar, let it boil for a couple of minutes.
  5. Pour citric acid into a jar of cucumbers, pour boiling fill to the very neck. Seal the cap tightly.
  6. Turn the jar upside down and wrap it in a blanket until it cools completely.

In winter, you will fully experience the taste and lightness of pickled cucumbers without vinegar and will remain their fan for many years. “I love to cook” wishes you delicious preparations. And he recommends trying cucumbers for the winter in jars without vinegar and cucumbers for the winter without vinegar.

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