Pickled watermelons recipe for a 3 liter jar


Pickled watermelons recipe for a 3 liter jar

An amazing fruit, in summer it delights us with its sweetness, and in winter it can turn into an original snack! You guessed it - it's a watermelon! Watermelons are harvested whole or in slices, salted or pickled. It all depends on the type of watermelon or personal preference. The most delicious pickled watermelons obtained in oak barrels. A home recipe and an affordable way to prepare watermelons for the winter for residents of apartments is pickling or pickling these fruits in jars. It is best to give preference to souring, as with natural fermentation, useful trace elements are formed, and all family members can feast on them without risk to health.

Perhaps the most crucial moment in the preparation of watermelons is to choose a fruit without nitrates. Here are some tips for choosing a good watermelon: if possible, choose a homemade watermelon, it should have yellow spot and bright contrast strips. The pulp should be uniform in color, pink or red, but not yellow. Avoid overripe fruits, but slightly unripe ones will do, because there is sugar in the recipe. So, we will learn how to prepare pickled watermelons in banks for the winter recipe with photo step by step on a 3 liter jar

Ingredients for Making Sour Watermelon

Watermelon 1-2 pcs
Garlic 2 cloves
Dill inflorescences taste
Hot peppers taste
Horseradish taste
Salt 1 tbsp. l
Sugar 3 tbsp. l

Step-by-step preparation of pickled watermelons in a 3 liter jar with a photo

  1. Wash the watermelons, cut into 4 parts, remove the green peel and cut into slices.
  2. In a dry, sterilized 3 liter jar, put dill inflorescences, hot pepper, chopped garlic cloves and a piece of horseradish on the bottom.
  3. Tamp the jar with slices of watermelon as you enter.
  4. Add salt and sugar, as well as dill inflorescence.
  5. Pour cold water to the top. Cover with a nylon cover, shake a jar to dissolve the salt and sugar.
  6. Leave a jar of watermelons at room temperature for 3 days. The fermentation process begins, the brine becomes cloudy and will already bubble.
  7. After three days, put the jar in the refrigerator for 1 month. During this time, fermentation, albeit slow, will do its job. Watermelons will become sweet and sour, pungent and piquant.

Pickled watermelons are served as an appetizer for meat dishes. They contribute to better appetite and digestion. Enjoy your meal!

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