Ricotta from whey at home


Ricotta from whey at home

If you intend to make mozzarella at home, you will definitely have plenty of whey left over. It turns out that the Italians from this seemingly final product also learned how to extract cheese, which has a different taste. Cooked whey cheese called ricotta, which in Italian means reboiling. It is after the preparation of mozzarella with rennet that the largest amount of ricotta cheese can be extracted from whey. Moreover, it has been experimentally revealed that more of ricotta is obtained from the standing serum, so to speak, sour. There are two ways to prepare a delicious fermented milk product - ricotta cheese at home. The classic way is when the serum is heated to 80 degrees, and then very slowly, over the course of an hour, it is brought to 90 degrees. It is convenient to use this method in a multicooker. A quick way is to add citric acid, apple cider vinegar or lemon juice to hot whey. When folding protein, cheese flakes are formed, which then need to be collected and allowed to drain excess moisture, as is usually done in the preparation of cottage cheese. Homemade Ricotta Cheese Recipe very affordable and simple. As a result, you will get a very tender, sweet taste, soft cheese. It can be used to make sweet and non-sweet sandwiches, desserts and lasagna.

Ingredients for Making Ricotta Cheese at Home

Serum 5 l
Lemon juice 50 ml
or citric acid 0.5 tsp
Vinegar 9% 50 ml

Step by step cooking ricotta cheese at home with a photo

  1. The first way to make ricotta cheese is without acid. Prepare a serum, preferably standing for a day.
  2. Put it on fire and heat pretty quickly to 80 degrees.
  3. Now make a minimum fire and bring the serum to 90 degrees. Serum can be mixed to prevent cheese flakes from burning.
  4. When the protein is completely curdled and the maximum amount of cheese is formed, drain all the liquid through cheesecloth, folded in several layers. Leave to drain, but not for long, so that the ricotta cheese remains soft, because this is its charm.
  5. The second way to quickly cook ricotta cheese with acid. Heat the serum to 85-90 degrees.
  6. If you use citric acid, dilute it in 50 grams of water, and if vinegar or lemon juice, add immediately to hot whey. Turn off the fire.
  7. Stir, let it brew for a few minutes. Almost immediately, you will notice how cheese flakes will form right before your eyes. The taste of vinegar or acid will not be felt, do not worry.
  8. Strain the ricotta cheese through cheesecloth. The amount of cheese always turns out different, it depends on the fat content and quality of the original product, milk. From 5 liters of whey you get about 300 g of ricotta cheese. It turns out heavy due to humidity.

You can add greens and garlic to the ricotta and make an appetizer for sandwiches, but you can also use it as a dessert. Enjoy your meal!

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