Salad eating

Salad Eating

If you want to decorate your table or any holiday with a new dish, then together with “I love to cook” we offer you a recipe for a delicious dish - salad Eating! My friend advised this recipe to me and it turned out to be so delicious that now I want to share it with everyone.


  • mackerel fillet (cold or hot smoked) - 400 grams;
  • potatoes - 500 grams;
  • carrot - 2 pieces;
  • eggs - 4 pieces;
  • green peas - 1 can;
  • mayonnaise.

Salad Eating. Step by step recipe

  1. If you bought a whole fish, then you need to first clean and divide it into fillets.
  2. Then the fillet must be finely chopped.
  3. Next, take a pan, pour water. Put potatoes, carrots and eggs in it (be sure to wash everything thoroughly). They must be boiled.
  4. Next, peel the boiled vegetables.
  5. Take the dish and put the fish fillet on it, make a net of mayonnaise. Then take a grater and grate potatoes on the fish, then mayonnaise, then grate the eggs and also the mayonnaise and another layer grate the carrots. Add peas on top.

Here is the whole step-by-step recipe with photos you learned along with “I love to cook”. If you want to achieve the juiciness of this salad, then put it in the refrigerator for 4 hours, and then serve it on the table. Enjoy your meal!

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