Salad "mackerel under a fur coat"


I simply adore the “fur coat” salad, I decided to experiment and cook not a herring, but a “mackerel under a fur coat”. The experiment was a success, served on the festive table, and everyone did not understand what was the secret of such a delicious recipe, until they saw that there was mackerel instead of herring. Preparing is simple. I am pleased to share the recipe with “I like to cook”!


  • potatoes - 3 pieces;
  • chicken egg - 3 pieces;
  • carrots - 1 piece;
  • beets - 2 pieces;
  • salted mackerel - 1 piece;
  • onions - 1 piece;
  • mayonnaise - 300 grams;
  • salt, pepper to taste.

Salad "Mackerel under a fur coat." Step by step recipe

  1. Boil vegetables, peel and grate, you can large or small.
  2. Boil the eggs, cut out the flowers to decorate the salad, and grate the remaining parts from the eggs.
  3. Finely chop the onion, disassemble the mackerel from the bones and chop it too.
  4. We begin to lay out the salad in layers, greasing each layer with mayonnaise, add salt as needed, the first layer of potatoes, then onions with fish, then carrots and eggs, the last layer of beets.
  5. Lubricate with mayonnaise and decorate. Refrigerate to let the salad brew.

It turns out well, a very delicious salad. I think everyone loves the fur coat, but in such an interpretation it will definitely be your favorite salad. Be sure to try the baked fish under a fur coat or experiment with the best recipes for "fur" dishes. Bon appetit from "I like to cook."

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