Secrets of sauerkraut

Secrets of sauerkraut

By harvesting sauerkraut according to any recipe, you can use various additives with complete confidence. Here are some secrets of sauerkraut to surprise you with a new and original taste.

  • Incredibly tasty sauerkraut with dill, caraway seeds or anise seeds, dried juniper berries, and also with garlic! And how does she play with new notes if you add horseradish grated horseradish and beetroot when pickling.
  • In addition to such standard additives, parsley, celery, and parsnip, cranberries, cranberries, mountain ash and even a fruit mixture consisting of apples and pears cut into slices can be added to cabbage. Thanks to all these additives, the taste of sauerkraut becomes more piquant and richer. try it, you will definitely like it, or maybe you want to show your personal initiative.

I want to draw your attention to vegetables and fruits, which are usually added to sauerkraut, are crushed as follows:

  • Root vegetables grate,
  • dice the onion
  • pepper - in pieces,
  • apple - slices.
  • Bay leaves are usually put whole, but it is better to cut it into strips.

I hope my advice will be useful to you, and your harvest of sauerkraut will be the most original and delicious!

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