Squash jam with orange


Squash jam with orange

It would seem that zucchini is a vegetable crop suitable for salting, pickling or frying in salt form. But zucchini jam with orange turns out so amazing. Zucchini absorb additional ingredients, are saturated with their aroma and taste, and zucchini begins to sound like a new and such tempting melody of taste. Zucchini jam with orange is so unusual in taste, light and airy.


  • Zucchini - 1.5 kilograms;
  • lemon - 1 piece;
  • orange - 1 piece;
  • sugar - 500 grams.

Step by step recipe for squash jam with orange

  1. Cut the zucchini into small cubes, add sugar and leave to separate the juice.
  2. When the juice begins to stand out, put the pot with zucchini on the fire and heat them to a boil, but do not boil and immediately remove from heat.
  3. Meanwhile, pass through the meat grinder a lemon and an orange, it is possible with a peel, but try to remove the bones.
  4. After the zucchini has cooled, add a mass of citrus fruits to them, mix well and put on fire, bring to a boil and leave to cool.
  5. After the mixture has cooled, once again bring it to a boil, put the boiling mixture over sterilized jars and roll it up. I’ll also tell you how to make squash jam with orange more fragrant and tender, you need to add a pinch of vanilla.

Zucchini jam with orange looks like some very expensive dessert that you can prepare in your kitchen at minimal cost.

Good appetite!

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