Strawberry and aronia jam for hypertension

Strawberry and aronia jam for hypertension

I want to offer a prescription for jam, which is not only not harmful to eat, but also very useful, because it is healing. Strawberry-aronia jam for hypertensives helps to cope with cardiovascular diseases, normalizes heart rate, calms the nervous system and normalizes blood pressure. The regular use of this delicious strawberry-aronia jam will lead to better health, help the body cope with viral diseases, and simply increase immunity.


  • Strawberry - 500 grams;
  • sugar - 1 kilogram;
  • black mountain ash - 500 grams.

Step by step recipe for strawberry and aronia jam

  1. Strawberries and mix with sugar.
  2. Fill the strawberry mass with a clean, dry jar, cover with a layer of sugar, close with a plastic lid and store in the refrigerator until the black chokeberry ripen.
  3. Then put the strawberry mass into the pan, add the rowan berries to it, put on low heat and cook until the rowan is ready.
  4. Arrange the jam in jars, let it cool, then close the jars with lids, and put the refrigerator in.

Strawberry-aronia jam is very tasty, moderately sweet, slightly tart, but this gives it a special piquancy and unusualness.

Be healthy!

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