Strawberry pouring

Strawberry Pouring

Strawberry filling which reveals the whole sweet aroma of this beautiful berry. It turns out so gentle and unique drink that it is even difficult to describe in words. I will tell you some secrets how to make strawberry liquor so that it is moderately sweet, transparent and tastiest.


  • Strawberries - 2.2 kilograms;
  • sugar - 800 grams.

Step by step recipe for strawberry liquor

  1. Peel the strawberries from the sepals, rinse well, allow the water to drain completely.
  2. Place strawberries either in a large jar or in a glass bottle, cover with sugar, and tie with gauze on top.
  3. Set strawberries in a warm place, or on a windowsill on the sunny side for 2-4 days, until fermentation forms.
  4. As soon as there are signs of fermentation, remove the cheesecloth, and make a water lock, move the strawberries to the shady side and stand for 12-20 days, that is, until the fermentation stops.
  5. Then filter the liquor through cheesecloth, or kapron stocking. Pour into prepared bottles and seal with stoppers.

Ready delicious homemade strawberry liqueur. You can treat your guests, surprise them with a wonderful taste and aroma!

I know that strawberry liquor at home turns out to be very tasty and fragrant, its excessive consumption is dangerous for your health.

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