Super salad for weight loss

Super Salad for weight loss

With the advent of the first rays of the sun, every girl more and more feels the approach of summer - and the desire to lose weight. I am not an exception: in the search for fitness salads on the Internet I found an excellent recipe for super-salad for weight loss. Such a dish is prepared quickly and easily, from the products available for each. Salad turns out to be very light, tasty, original and fragrant, and most importantly for weight loss - low-calorie. This salad will undoubtedly help you lose weight: without harm to the body. And who said that diet foods are tasteless? Probably the person who did not try our salad: after all, his taste is very original and pleasant.


  • 1 juicy apple without a peel;
  • 1 teaspoon of lemon juice;
  • 1 celery root;
  • 1 medium carrot;
  • salt to taste;
  • vegetable oil for salad dressing.

Super Salad for weight loss. Step by step recipe

  1. In order to lose weight without harm to the body, you need to choose the right products.
  2. One of the most useful products in the process of losing weight are apples, which contain a lot of useful, important vitamins and minerals.
  3. Let's prepare an apple for our salad.
  4. For this salad I try to choose juicy and sweet apples without sourness: the taste of the salad will depend on this. You can take apples, focusing on your taste.
  5. The apple must be washed, peeled and grated on a coarse grater.
  6. I always cut the peel from the apples that I buy in the store: it is no secret to anyone that it is the peel of this fruit that can be chemically processed and, using it in our salad, we will not benefit the body.
  7. Add the lemon juice to the grated apple and mix well.
  8. Lemon is not only a fragrant and tasty fruit that will improve the taste of lettuce, but also a very useful product for losing weight: as it improves digestion and reduces hunger.
  9. Next, prepare celery, also a non-replaceable vegetable for weight loss, which has a spicy, delicate and piquant taste that improves digestion.
  10. Rinse celery thoroughly with running water, peel and grate.
  11. When choosing celery, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the vegetable is solid, poured, weighty, has a uniform color, without dry areas. If you knock on it, the sound will be deaf, but if the sound is sonorous, then it is empty inside. Celery has a rich odor.
  12. Tip. It is better to store celery in a dry, dark, cool place (from zero to two degrees), it is also possible in the refrigerator, but not more than two weeks, otherwise it will lose its useful properties.
  13. Next, you need to prepare carrots: another vegetable that is useful for dietary nutrition. Carrots saturate the body (fiber is included), improves metabolism and cleanses the intestines.
  14. Carrots must be washed, peeled and grated.
  15. Carrots can be cut into strips and with a knife: for this you need to cut it into slices, and then cut into slices into thin strips.
  16. You can also cut all vegetables with a knife: for example, into small cubes - or focus on your preferences.
  17. Sliced ​​ingredients to salt to taste and mix thoroughly.
  18. Add vegetable oil to salted vegetables, and mix everything very well.
  19. Instead of vegetable oil, I use olive oil, which is also very useful, and lemon juice or apple vinegar gives sourness and spiciness to the salad.
  20. You can also use sesame oil or flax seed oil for salad dressing, which is also very beneficial for the body.
  21. I like to add pineapple to the salad: I like the way it goes with celery. You can also add walnuts.
  22. There are many more options for products that can be added to the salad: grapes, kiwi, bell pepper, tomato, cucumber. You can add products based on your taste preferences.
  23. To give a greater piquancy to the taste, you can add garlic, black pepper or red pepper (adjust the amount to your liking).
  24. Undoubtedly, honey can add originality to taste.

Super Salad is ready for weight loss. Including this salad in the daily diet, we have harmony and a cool figure, and our body receives useful vitamins and minerals. I like that such delicious salads very well affect the shape and appearance (face, hair). The aroma of this dish is simply amazing, and the taste is very delicate, original and piquant. When preparing such a salad, you can not be afraid of experiments and add other useful ingredients based on your taste. As a dressing, you can use yogurts, kefir, sour cream: but then the salad will be less dietary. If you like, you can add fresh greens - it will make the taste of the dish more interesting and give it brightness. On the site "I like to cook" you can find many recipes for tasty and light salads. Enjoy your meal.

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