Tasty bean salad


Tasty Bean Salad

I want to offer you an unusual salad with beans and Korean carrots - mouth-watering, light and very tasty. Making a salad will not take much time - you yourself will be surprised how quickly and simply you will get a very satisfying salad. Korean carrot gives the dish a spicy touch and an unforgettable taste.

Your relatives, friends and relatives will not leave this salad without attention - and you will be bombarded with praises!


  • Korean carrots - 300 grams;
  • canned beans - 300 grams;
  • 1 pack of crackers with any taste;
  • 2-3 tablespoons of mayonnaise.

Bean and Korean carrot salad. Step by step recipe

  1. First of all, we will deal with beans: you can take dry beans and boil, or you can take canned beans - just like I did. We take the beans, get rid of excess fluid and spread in a bowl.

Tip. How to cook beans yourself. First you need to soak our beans in water. This is done very simply: take a deep dish, fill the beans with it and fill it with water. There should be enough water to cover our beans. The process of soaking itself takes about 6 hours, but it is better to put the beans in water in the evening. After the beans have lain, they need to be washed under running water - and you can safely cook. We take a saucepan, add the beans there, fill with water: the beans should be brought to a boil over low heat, cook for about 1 hour. When the beans are boiled, we rinse it again under cold water, put it in a colander so that there is extra water in the glass. You need to salt the beans at the end of cooking, since salt slows down the process of preparing legumes.

  1. Add the carrots in Korean. You can buy it in the store, or you can cook it yourself. You can see recipes for making Korean carrots on our website “I like to cook.”
  2. We take a pack of crackers, open it (I took with the taste of bacon, and you take those that you like). Pour Kiries in the main bowl.
  3. Season the salad with 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise and mix.

Tip. You should not put a lot of mayonnaise: we put it in moderation, since our carrot is juicy, and the salad will also be juicy. We mix all the ingredients, put our tasty and simple salad in a salad bowl - and you can serve it on the table.

  1. Ground pepper can also be added to taste - it will give the salad richness and spiciness.

So we got a wonderful tasty salad with beans and kiries: pretty hearty, light and, most importantly - delicious!

When you try the salad according to this recipe, you will understand that it is very simple and quick to prepare it. Your girlfriends will line up and ask for the recipe for this wonderful, delicious salad with beans and crackers. Also, this recipe can be great to diversify, if you add a fresh cucumber to it - it will add freshness. Bon appetit and a good day from the site “I like to cook”!

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