Tasty salad with avocado and green celery


Tasty salad with avocado and green celery

And today I have a delicious salad with avocado and green celery. For the first time I ate it in a restaurant and admired the unique taste. But when I sorted the composition of this salad, I realized that it was absolutely easy to prepare. In addition, it is very useful - a real storehouse of vitamins and minerals. Now I often cook it when I'm on a diet. It really helps me lose a few extra pounds. But summer is coming soon - the season of light dresses, short shorts and swimwear. Therefore, it’s time to tasty refreshments to get in shape: to become beautiful and slim. And I invite everyone to my company! I assure you, a salad with avocado and green celery is prepared very simply and quickly.


  • avocado - 1 piece;
  • medium-sized fresh cucumber - 1 piece;
  • celery stalks - 2 pieces;
  • medium onion - 1 piece;
  • lemon - 0.5 pieces (or a quarter);
  • lettuce (you can Beijing cabbage) - 200-250 grams ;;
  • dill or parsley - 30-50 grams;
  • olive oil - 2-3 tablespoons (the amount can be adjusted);
  • salt, pepper - to taste.

Tasty salad with avocado and green celery. Step by step recipe

  1. Wash, dry and lettuce leaves (Chinese cabbage) in small cubes, about 2x2 centimeters.
  2. Cut the cucumber into small pieces. I cut it lengthwise into 2 or 4 parts and cut it into slices, approximately 0.5 centimeter thick.
  3. We cut celery stalks along and also in small sizes.
  4. The washed greens of dill or parsley are chopped as desired.
  5. For this salad, choose a ripe, soft avocado. Cut it lengthwise into 2 parts. We cut into cubes with a knife in the middle, 2x2 centimeters in size and carefully take them out with a spoon, leaving the skin untouched. If you have a ripe avocado, then you will do it very simply. To easily get a bone from the half of the avocado fruit, you need to strike the bone with a knife blade, on a small scale. Pull the stuck knife towards you: and the bone is easily separated from the pulp of the fruit.
  6. Sliced ​​lettuce, celery stalks, avocado, cucumber and dill, parsley put in a bowl.
  7. Cut the peeled onion into thin feathers: first, cut it into 2 parts and chop into thin half rings along (not across) the vegetable itself. Separate the onion half rings, pour over the freshly squeezed lemon juice. For pickling, approximately 2 tablespoons of lemon juice are needed. We slightly crush the onion with our hands so that it starts up the juice, less bitter and better pickled. Leave to stand for 5-7 minutes.
  8. Add salt, ground pepper, pickled onions to the salad (along with the lemon juice in which it was pickled), season with olive or other vegetable oil and mix everything thoroughly.
  9. Leave to brew for 5-7 minutes and serve.

Salad with avocado and green celery really turned out to be glorious: tasty, juicy, fresh, and most importantly - healthy. Such a vitamin salad will go well with any side dish or meat. It can be prepared both on the festive table, and for a quiet family dinner or a light delicious breakfast. For a change, slices of mozzarella or feta cheese can be added to a salad with avocado and celery. Eat it, recharge your batteries with vitamins and positive energy, be healthy and beautiful: along with “I love to cook”! Enjoy your meal!

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