Tender pickled cheese


Tender pickled cheese

Once at a buffet table I tried (and couldn’t tear myself away) from an incredibly savory snack: the most delicious pickled cheese. It is wonderful as an independent appetizer and as an excellent addition to delicious vegetable salads. This spicy cheese appetizer with a delicate aroma of lemon juice and lemon peel will delight you with its taste! An ideal, simple and original option for a picnic and buffet! Cook with us for pleasure.


  • Mozzarella cheese - 250 grams (you can take Adyghe or Suluguni);
  • lemon juice - 2 tablespoons;
  • garlic - one clove;
  • hot chili pepper - 1 piece (you can take less quantity to your taste);
  • fresh mint - 5 leaves;
  • fresh basil - 5 leaves;
  • lemon zest - 0.5 teaspoon;
  • Extra virgin olive oil - 150 grams.

500 ml glass jar.

Delicate pickled cheese. Step by step recipe

  1. First you need to chop the mozzarella cheese. If you do not have a knife for cheese, then a knife for cutting bakery products can replace it. It doesn’t matter what shape your cheese slice is: round, sausage or rectangular. Cut it into identical square pieces. Determine the size of the pieces yourself, starting from personal taste. I got this time 1 in 1 centimeter. We shift the cheese gently sliced ​​into a separate container.
  2. We turn to herbs: mint and basil. Nip off five medium-sized leaves from a sprig of fresh herbs. Chop finely. As for not fresh, but dry herbs - it’s better not to replace them, since they give a slightly different flavor. No result in the taste of fresh piquancy.
  3. Now cut into half rings a clove of one large garlic. Half of a large or one medium chili pepper is also cut into half rings. First we take out all the seeds, clean it.
  4. From one lemon, using a juicer for lemon or citrus, squeeze the juice, filter it from the seeds. Remove the zest from it. We need only 0.5 teaspoons.
  5. We also prepare approximately 150 grams of olive oil.
  6. Now we begin to put everything in a jar, where we will pickle cheese. To begin with, lay out half of the chopped mint and basil leaves on the bottom. Next, put on them half the rings of pepper and also half the portion of garlic.
  7. Now, using a spoon or special tweezers, gently transfer half of all the pieces of cheese into a jar. The main thing is not to press it down strongly: in this process you need to do everything carefully and not crush the most delicate cheese.
  8. Then again a layer of mint and basil, pepper and garlic. Add the whole lemon zest. And then we spread the remaining cheese. Pour lemon juice over everything.
  9. Pour olive oil: it is important that it completely covers all pieces of cheese.
  10. Close the lid of the jar and mix everything. We send it in the refrigerator for 1-2 days so that the cheese is pickled.

Delicious, fragrant and easy to prepare pickled Mozzarella cheese is ready. The main thing is that we prepared it at home: the marinade is natural and healthy for us. Serve as a snack, as an addition to your favorite salads and canapes. Also, olive oil, in which cheese was pickled, can be used as a flavoring additive to the same salads. Cheese can stand in the refrigerator for about 2-3 weeks: the main thing is to close the lid. "I love to cook" wishes you bon appetit!

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