The best quail legs appetizer

The best quail legs appetizer

The best quail legs appetizer is easy to prepare, incredibly tasty and very interesting in its idea. Stunningly delicious meat pies are very convenient to serve and convenient to eat. Tempting appetizing, delicate appetizer “Quail legs” is a real find for a buffet table. Try to cook such a savory snack - and it will become a frequent guest in your kitchen. The aroma of such yummy is just crazy: let's cook!


  • sesame (bread crumbs) - 3-5 tablespoons;
  • chicken egg - 1 piece.

For the test:

  • wheat flour - 250 grams (it took me 15 grams more);
  • butter (or margarine) - 150 grams;
  • sour cream (any fat content) - 75 grams;
  • chicken egg (medium size) - 1 piece;
  • baking powder for dough - 5 grams;
  • salt - 0.3 teaspoon;
  • sugar - 2 teaspoons (or to taste).

For filling:

  • minced meat (for this I used chicken fillet) - 500 grams;
  • onions - 1 piece;
  • salt;
  • bread sticks (I have it is straw straws);
  • ground black pepper.

The best quail legs appetizer. Step by step recipe

  1. Initially, to prepare the best quail legs appetizer, we combine wheat flour with a baking powder and mix well so that the baking powder is evenly distributed over the entire volume of flour. And then sift the flour with baking powder through a sieve.
  2. Add salt, sugar to the sifted flour, and once again we mix everything well.
  3. In a separate container we send sour cream (according to the recipe). I used sour cream 20% fat, but you can take any.
  4. In a container for sour cream, we break one chicken egg, and stir everything with a fork.
  5. We send the cold chopped butter into the flour and stir (the butter should be very cold, right from the refrigerator). And then we quickly rub it into crumbs (I do it with my hands).
  6. Tip: you do not need to achieve very small crumbs, with a pea - it is quite enough.
  7. In the flour we make a deepening, pour the egg with sour cream there and quickly knead the soft dough for the best snack.
  8. Tip: do not knead the dough for a long time, otherwise the butter will melt and the dough will be delayed. Then the best quail legs appetizer will turn out to be dense. The main thing is to achieve uniformity of the test - and this will be enough.
  9. Round the finished dough, wrap it in cling film and send it to the refrigerator for 30-40 minutes.
  10. To prepare the filling, we need chicken fillet, from which we will prepare the stuffing. Coarsely chop the chicken fillet. N
  11. Tip: you can use any stuffing for the filling.
  12. One onion is peeled and finely chopped with a knife.
  13. In a pan, melt a small piece of butter, shift the onion there and fry it for 3-4 minutes until light golden.
  14. Sliced ​​chicken and fried onions pass through a meat grinder into minced meat.
  15. Add the salt and black pepper to the minced meat to taste, mix everything well. The meat filling for the best quail legs appetizer is ready.
  16. Tip: if you wish, you can add fried vegetables or mushrooms to the filling.
  17. We take out the dough from the refrigerator and divide it into two equal parts. We will work with one part of the test, and again wrap the second part of the test in cling film and send it to the refrigerator.
  18. Roll out the dough into a thin layer (the thickness of the dough is at your discretion).
  19. Tip: if the quail dough for the appetizer “Quail legs” does not roll well after the refrigerator, you need to leave it at room temperature so that it warms a little and then roll out.
  20. From the rolled dough we cut out circles (I use a glass for this).
  21. Put chicken mince on the center of each mug, put bread sticks on the minced meat (I have it is straw straws), and fasten the edges. Then we cut each circle in half and fasten the edges of the dough into the cut.
  22. The result is small pies with meat, shaped like quail legs.
  23. With the second part of the test, we do the same.
  24. For breading the legs we will use sesame seeds.
  25. And in order for the sesame to stick well on the pie, break one chicken egg into a separate container and beat it well with a fork.
  26. Then we dip each leg in a beaten egg, and then roll in sesame seeds.
  27. We cover the baking sheet with parchment paper and put our quail legs appetizer there.
  28. We send the baking sheet to the oven preheated to 200-210 degrees, bake until fully cooked.
  29. Tip: preparing the legs very quickly - it takes literally 20 minutes. Although a lot depends on the size of the snack.

Incredibly tasty, tender, fragrant appetizer “Quail legs” will appeal to everyone. It is very easy to prepare, and following my step-by-step recipe, it will work even for a novice in the kitchen. I and “Very Delicious” wish you bon appétit: cook with love.

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