The most delicious crystal salad

The most delicious crystal salad

The most delicious crystal salad will be a wonderful decoration for any holiday or family feast. Incredibly beautiful and original presentation will make a splash among your relatives, and its gentle and aromatic taste will win their hearts for a long time. It looks so beautiful that it’s even a pity to cut it, but the perfect combination of taste notes is worth every fork eaten. Try it and you are an original and unrivaled alliance.


  • chicken eggs - 6 pieces;
  • meat - about 350-400 grams;
  • 6 medium potatoes;
  • pickled cucumber - 3 things;
  • 3 onion heads;
  • 1.2 liters of water (for cooking broth);
  • mayonnaise (to taste);
  • 50 grams of gelatin;
  • seasonings and spices (at your discretion).

The most delicious crystal salad. Step by step recipe

        1. Before preparing a crystal salad, put the meat and water to boil on medium heat. Pour enough water to completely cover the fillet. Add spices and seasonings: I put bay leaf, peppercorns.
        2. Salt water, gently crush the garlic with a knife and throw into the broth. You can choose absolutely any spices, just do not choose crumbly, crushed seasonings so that the broth has a transparent consistency.
        3. We take the onion, peel it and slightly cut it from the side so that all the aroma is absorbed into the broth. Cook the meat until cooked.
        4. Further, according to the recipe for a crystal salad, gelatin must be poured with chilled boiled water and left to swell: for about 30 minutes.
        5. We put potatoes and eggs to cook (this can be done in advance to speed up the cooking process). Take the onion, peel it and cut into small cubes, pour into a separate container and pour boiling water. Pour a little vinegar into it and pickle for 20-30 minutes.
        6. Then cut into small cubes cucumbers, eggs and potatoes. During this time, the meat should have been cooked, so we take it out of the pan and set aside: cool.
        7. To prepare a crystal salad, it is necessary to strain the broth through a strainer so that all spices and seasonings are removed from the liquid. Leave it to cool.
        8. We begin to prepare gelatin. Pour it into a ladle and put on medium heat, cook until the consistency is heated, but not to a boil. When it reaches a high temperature, pour it into the broth, mix and leave to stand at room temperature.
        9. We filter the pickled onions through a strainer to get rid of excess fluid.
        10. We’ll prepare a mold for the “Crystal” holiday salad. To do this, cover it with cling film or grease the surface with vegetable oil.
        11. Cut the meat fillet into small cubes. All the ingredients for the crystal salad are prepared, so let's start shaping it.
        12. So, lay the chopped potatoes on the bottom with an even layer, level them. On top lay the pickled onions. We coat with mayonnaise.
        13. Then create a new layer of pickled cucumber, evenly distribute. On top of the cucumbers, put slices of meat fillet. Lubricate with mayonnaise.
        14. The last layer of this wonderful crystal salad with chicken and pickles is chopped eggs: we distribute them over the entire surface.
        15. The crystal salad with chicken and potatoes is ready, cover it with cling film and send it to stand in the refrigerator: for about 60 minutes.
        16. We take a large container, pour the gelatin broth into it: it should have such dimensions that the height of the gelatin layer does not exceed 2 cm - a good option for this, a baking tray. We put in the refrigerator until completely solidified.
        17. When the broth turns into jelly, we get it and our salad. Carefully turn the lettuce on the cardboard: we need to get it so that the top layer will be potatoes. Lubricate the top and sides with mayonnaise.
        18. We get the aspic from the tank: for this, it is necessary to heat the sides. We get the jelly leaf on a flat surface and cut it into squares: the width is approximately equal to the height.
        19. We cover the entire surface with gelatin cubes. Beautiful crystal salad on the festive table is ready.

        This salad is an excellent substitute for olivier on any holiday table, as it is much more beautiful and tastier. A large number of original recipes have already been waiting for you on the site "Very tasty."

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