Thin pita bread

Thin pita bread

For a very long time I was looking for my recipe for perfectly thin and tasty pita bread, I tried a lot, everything did not work out for me the desired result. And here he is - thin pita bread according to this recipe to cook very easily and quickly. I would say even faster than buying ready-made! Be sure to try this recipe for thin pita bread, and you will understand how delicious it is!


  • flour - 350 grams;
  • water - 150 milliliters;
  • vegetable oil - 30 milliliters;
  • salt - 5 grams.

Thin pita bread. Step by step recipe

  1. Mix all the ingredients and knead the cool dough.
  2. Nip off a small amount of dough, form balls from it with your hands. Blind as many balls as you have pita bread. I can’t specify the quantity, as it depends on the size of your pan or pan. If I needed a large pita bread, I would directly put a baking sheet on an open fire and fry pita bread on it, and if small, I just fry it in a pan. Consider that the dough needs to be rolled out very thinly so that it is as thick as paper.
  3. And so we formed balls, and now we roll thin dough like paper.
  4. We heat the pan, and put the dough on a dry hot pan. Directly before our eyes, bubbles will form on it, resembling a volcano - this is what we need. Fry pita bread on both sides, it will take no more than 2 minutes.
  5. Put the finished pita bread on a towel, sprinkle with water and cover with a towel for a few minutes, so do with the rest.

Wrap any stuffing in your homely thin pita bread and get real high! This is much tastier than with purchased pita bread, believe me. "I love to cook" wishes you bon appetit! The next time, be sure to try the recipe for the finest pita bread or a delicious pie of pita bread with minced meat and cheese.

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