Tomato juice with bell pepper

Tomato juice with bell pepper

Unusual and very tasty. tomato juice obtained with the addition of bell pepper. It brings its zest and gives the drink an additional aroma and vitamins. Tomatoes for juice are better to take thin-skinned and juicy. If the tomatoes are fleshy, for example, the “cream” variety, then the juice will turn out to be very thick and will have to be diluted with water. Bell pepper, and red, you need to add, very little, just for taste, because if you add more it will be more likely to refuel for borsch. The standard set of spices is bay leaf, black pepper, salt and sugar peas. You can also add tomato juice, cloves, garlic or other spices to your home recipe to taste. This aromatic and healthy drink improves digestion and is excellently refreshing! Tomato juice with bell pepper for the winter recipe with photos step by step listed below.

Ingredients for making tomato juice with bell pepper

Tomatoes 6 kg
Bell pepper red 100 g
Bay leaf 2 pcs
Black peppercorns 10 pieces
Salt 1 tbsp. l
Sugar 3 tbsp. l

Step by step cooking with a photo of tomato juice with bell pepper

  1. Wash the tomatoes well and pass them through the juicer. From 6 kg. cherry tomato, got about 1.5 waste.
  2. Wash bell peppers, clear of seeds and stalk. Cut into two pieces.
  3. Put the tomato juice on the fire, add the bell pepper to it. (Bell pepper can also be twisted through a juicer along with tomatoes). A lot of foam will immediately form, it does not need to be removed, since after 5 minutes of boiling it will disappear.
  4. After boiling, boil the juice for 20 minutes.
  5. Add salt, sugar, black pepper and bay leaf. Cook another 5 minutes. Try it, you may need to add more salt. You can also add garlic cloves at the end.
  6. Remove the bell pepper from the pan (it can be added to other dishes), and pour the juice into sterilized jars and roll it up. The output may be about 3.5 liters. If you make juice simply through a meat grinder, it will turn out more.

Tomato juice is served as a refreshing drink for meat dishes. It can be seasoned with black pepper. Enjoy your meal!

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